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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


This column is part one of a new weekly sex-ed series from Woody Miller, sex advice columnist, and author of the best-selling book, How to Bottom Like a Porn Star and How To Top Like A Stud: A Penetrating Guide to Gay Sex. This series combines porn industry secrets with innovative techniques from the latest gay male sex research.

Say goodbye to failed attempts at intercourse because your partner couldn’t take the pain.

I’m going to show you little-known techniques that will allow your partner to experience the ecstasy of bottoming without any of the pain he’s come to fear or associate with it.

I’m also going to show you how to suck his dick while you fuck him.

Let’s start by helping him concentrate on desire, rather than fear of your hard dick.

First, you have to heat up his desire so much that his body aches for your hard dick to be inside of him. ACHES.

 If he wants you in the worse way, his legs will begin to part and his sphincter will start to quiver with the right kind of anticipation—pleasure, not pain.

His body will swallow your dick.

Getting him to that level of desire is actually pretty easy if you know how to work it.

Working it doesn’t mean slamming it into him.

It means teasing him with your hard-on, letting him feel the heat of your hardness between his legs and on but not in his anus.

It means getting on top and kissing him passionately so that he can feel the excitement of being underneath your body.

1. First, get on top of him. The best way of bringing out somebody’s submissiveness is to let him experience the power of your body.

2. Being on top of him makes him feel safe and wanted.
3. Gently make him feel your heat, smell your essence, and feel your hardness

4. Put lube in his hands, place them underneath his ass and gently thrust your penis into them as if it were his anus.

He’ll feel how smoothly it glides through his hands. He’ll feel the strength and the firmness and imagine it going inside him.

The Tease

Next up is frottage AKA The Tease. [non-penetrative sex]

5. While you are on top of him, slowly part his thighs with your knee

6. Take his hand and put it on your erection. Make him feel the strength and power of your manhood.

7. Now, slowly place your dick between his legs so that he can feel the heat and the hardness on and around his anus and perineum.

8. Slide it in and out, and back and forth in an undulating motion.

9. Play with different frottage angles and positions, making sure that you occasionally put his hand on your erection to heighten his desire. This will also make you want him even more.

10. Now is the time to put some lube on your fingers and explore his butt.

Lube is 35% off here.

11. It’s imperative that you start slowly and sensitively. And have some fun with it. This is going to feel really good.

12. Stroke the surface of the anus slowly, teasingly. Do not just jam your fingers in as if you’re going to finger fuck him.

13. Insert your finger slowly. Did I say slowly? Because I meant S-L-O-W-L-Y

14. When it comes to your ass, an inch can feel like a foot. Make sure you play with his penis so that he associates the insertion of your finger with pleasure. Again, do not finger fuck him by moving your finger in and out. In fact, once it’s in don’t move it and keep playing with his penis.

Build Sphincter Trust

15. Once your finger is in there comfortably, playfully ask him to tighten his sphincter for as long as he can (he won’t be able to do this for longer than 20-30 seconds). Stay with me as there is a very specific reason why you’re doing this.

Now is also a good time for a blow job

16. Keep your finger inside him while you suck his dick. Without realizing it, you’re training him how to relax his sphincter. You see, if you can get him to consciously tighten his sphincter right before you enter him, he can only hold it tight for about 30 seconds.

17. When the sphincter involuntarily loosens, that’s when you penetrate him.

18. You can also insert a prostate massager while you suck him off like Rude Boy from It’s great because it’s perfectly shaped to locate and massage his prostate. Plus you get 30% off and free shipping with code GRIND. Always good to keep a good fuck buddy nearby to heat up the hole.

If you found this helpful so far: check out the book where this advice came from: How to Top Like a Stud: A Penetrating Guide to Gay Sex

Do you see where I’m going with this?

The key is to keep his sphincter relaxed as you enter him with your dick.

19. Now you’re ready. Go ahead and eat him out for about 15 minutes. Or skip to the next step.

20. Next, you’re going to put the head of your erect penis comfortably, but snugly on the outside of his anus. There should be no space between the opening of the sphincter and the head of your penis.

21. Once your cock is snug against his anus, ask your partner to clinch his sphincter as tight as he can for as long as he can. He’ll be able to do that for about 20 to 30 seconds maximum.

The goal here is to have his ass swallow your cock. Yup, that’s what’s going to happen.

22. As you approach the 20-30 second mark you will be able to tell when it starts to relax involuntarily by the look on his face. Ask him to tell you anyway because you need to time this correctly.

23. As he begins to relax his sphincter start penetrating him with your dick. His body will beg for it.

24. You’ll notice how easy –and painless–it is to get it inside him.

25. Now, notice what just happened: You are entering him at the point that his sphincter is most relaxed. You’ve used physics and physiology to create an ideal time for penetration.

26. As an added bonus, suck his cock while you fuck him with the Autoblow2. It feels like the real thing and you can get $40 off with code GAILYGRIND.

27. Have him hold the Autoblow while you’re fucking him and the beaded rings will suck him off while you fuck him. You won’t be able to get him off you.


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