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Thursday, May 28, 2015


When it comes to relationships, it’s quite interesting how people treat someone when they go from a single gem to a taken trophy.

In the beginning, you’re living the happy life as a single person. Then one day, you tell yourself that it’s time to get out there and start dating. Whether it’s just having casual encounters with a few men or finding “the one”, you are on the prowl. You’re out on the social scene with confidence, but things don’t appear to be happening positively in your favor.

Other men don’t seem to find you interesting. Even though they are single as well, all of the judgment is placed on you. You are the lonely single person that appears desperate to get a man. You may not be in your eyes, but to them you are.

Nothing is working out for you in the romance department. All of a sudden, the day finally comes, and you are swooped off your feet by the man you are proud to call your boyfriend. The relationship that you’ve always wanted has finally happened.

Not only is looked at as an accomplishment, but it is looked at as a term of acceptance and comfort. After being rejected by so many people because of multiple reasons, here is an individual that not only fought through your high standards, but challenged it while unexpectedly wooing you.

The relationship is great. The both of you are happy. Then all of a sudden, things have shifted and you become the object of affection by numerous bachelors. Men are coming one by one, hell even two by two. They want to converse with you, even though their bodies are containing an unknown amount of urgent lust for you.

Do you have a new glow? Did the men change their minds about you when you got away? It is none of the above. The answer: It’s because you’re taken.

That’s the reality that’s going on now in society when it comes to relationships in my opinion. It’s as if life is telling us that dating is going to require twice than expected here in the 21st century.

For single men, they have to face the challenges of not feeling sad or depressed because they can’t seem to get someone’s attention for even five minutes without seeming desperate by other single men. Then on the other end, when you are in a relationship, you have to face the challenges of not committing infidelity and keeping your relationship because cupid got drunk and shot arrows at more than one guy, and you were the first person they saw. When did taken men become the hunted, and when did single men become the avoided? Why is this happening?

Here are a few reasons:

Home Wreckers

No one truly talks about these people, but they’re out there. When it comes to relationships, a home wrecker comes in and purposely sabotages. They want the relationship to fall apart. Whether it’s spreading a rumor, passing off intimate kisses, or even having an affair with one of the mates, they will secretly do whatever they can to let the two mates fall apart.

It can be out of jealousy. It can be because of their lust for wanting one of the partners, even though they might personally not want the partner for personal reasons at all. It can be anything. Just know that there are people are up and ready to burn your love to the ground, and they don’t care who gets third degree burns.
It’s the thrill of destruction that excites them.

The Idea of Chasing What They Can’t Have

Who invented this game and how did it go viral? When men find out that a man they like is taken, it becomes sort of psychological lust game. It’s an interesting idea to try and pursue the one they know they can’t have because he has a boyfriend. This can turn into a never going to win World of Warcraft quest, but they still continue to play the game. Reminds me of a modern day “Tom & Jerry”.

The Secret Crush

There can be someone who secretly had a crush on you, but never had the guts to tell you in person. Then when they found out that you are with someone, they’re heart is broken. That still doesn’t help them. It turns into a scene from “Fatal Attraction”. Now their main goal is to make them fall in love with you, and they don’t care if you are taken or not.

There can be many reasons why taken men are getting the affection from single men more than the average single person out there. All we know is that there is one thing to be aware of. Relationships and dating has unexpectedly required more hard work and commitment when you’re both single and taken. Each one has its own expectations and responsibilities. It just happens that one group of men has twice the work on their plate, for there is much more to gain and lose when more than one party is involved.


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