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Thursday, May 14, 2015


MILES + CAL is a quietly powerful new series from BAND of ARTISTS Filmmaking Collective.

| About the series |
MILES is a lonely graphic designer living alone in Los Angeles, who, through an ordinary meeting, encounters the elusive but homeless CALVIN. Together they embark on an unexpected yet extraordinary living experience with each other.

| Support #Season2 |
The impact of MILES + CAL on viewers has led the team to develop a campaign that would guarantee a Season 2.  Your contribution would help us shoot a longer season of MILES + CAL in Los Angeles, CA.#Season2 will include extended episodes for every episode, regular Live Streams, bonus footage and meet + greets with the cast in our promotional travels.

We have A LOT of story to share from MILES + CAL and we see the series having a long shelf life -- as long as our amazing audience will continue to support it. 

Thanks so much and we look forward to bringing you more of this special story!



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