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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Being a person who has had sex in various forms, it came to my attention that I had left out sex tips for those who don’t engage in intercourse. I have been with men who were not into being penetrated but never received any satisfaction that would make me give them a second chance. I have to be honest, guys that don’t engage in intercourse can be boring in the bedroom. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Looking back over my experience, I took some time to create some tips that could make it extremely satisfying. This takes effort and a new perspective on gay sex. Should you run into a man that doesn’t want to be penetrated, run these tips by him for some awesome sex. Note: I assume that you enjoy oral. If he doesn’t, I have a suggestion at the end of the article that will feel just like the real thing.

Pump Up the Romance
You have to step up your romance game. I describe romance as the non foreplay actions that set the mood up for great sex. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate dinner with flowers. A few candles, wine and slow jams can set the stage for amazing sex. Be sure to keep the conversation about about each other. It may be a new challenge to focus on the positive qualities in a person but it sure does make a brother want to jump your bones. If you do not know the person that well, talk about things that make you laugh. Comedy can bring romance.

We are not going to keep it simple. Kissing and caressing becomes the heart of your sexual experience when you go Dick-less. Take the time to enjoy all of the body parts of your man. This includes the neck, ears, nipples, arms, thighs and stomach. Take your time to ensure that every part of him gets your full attention.

The Big Moment
You have set the mood, are enjoying some serious foreplay and want to take things further. What do you do? Oral ! Get down on your knees and blow his socks off. Oral sex can be more intense and just as satisfying as the real thing. But you have to put in more effort. Be sure to spice it up. Putting a mint in your mouth while sucking his dick can give a tingling sensation that will drive him crazy. Holding water in your mouth while blowing can do wonders. It’s about giving a variety of sensations that offer the same intensity as intercourse.

Simulating Penetration
Men that just can’t be satisfied completely with oral and foreplay have only one option to make the sex spectacular: A Masturbator. Using a fleshlight or stroker can give the same intense feeling as anal sex. Simply slip on the toy during the act of foreplay. Stroke him with the toy while kissing him. Moan in an erotic tone.
Invest in a premium masturbator. You need to compensate for a lack of penetration. A lower priced masturbator may get the job done, but a premium toy can take your sex life to the next level. Higher end models last virtually forever,are made to long lasting satisfaction and feel just like the real thing. I suggest using the Fleshlight Flight. It doesn’t look like a sex toy, has a very stimulating inner texture feels amazing and is priced at a moderate level. There are models that vibrate creating a new sensation he may have never enjoyed. The key is to add as much pleasure to the bedroom. A higher end toy can do the trick.

The Joy of Going Dick-Less
Going Dick-Less can be a great thing but you need to learn a new style of lovemaking. Romance, foreplay , oral and using a masturbator can create an intimate moment that rivals traditional intercourse. You will feel closeness and intimacy at an unexpected level. Seriously consider my recommendations. They will make Dick-Less sex sensational.



  1. Replies
    1. glad you liked it, I LOVE posting these entries

  2. I trold you my piont of view so many times about penetration ... absolutely not necessary!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Oh, and for those slow jams? A little quiet storm? I would suggest Chante' Moore's 'A Love Supreme'. It's old school, but, trust me... those beats get all the right things rotating. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  4. Hmmm- I've experienced some extremely hot and very satisfying encounters that did not include a home run. There are more ways than one to make a guy moan.

  5. Nulla di più vero, anche il sesso è libero e quindi bisogna lasciare libertà anche a chi non vuole essere penetrato. E divertirsi con altre forme



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