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Monday, October 29, 2012


Dear East Coast friends,

For those of you that are in the path of Hurricane Sandy, I ask that you please be ready and I wish you all a safe outcome.



This month, the award-winning lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) newsmagazine, IN THE LIFE, examines the evolution of anti-gay rhetoric, and the reality beyond the spin. 
Then, IN THE LIFE heads to Minnesota for a look at a multi-front attack on equality in a state known as one of the country’s most LGBT friendly places.
The culture wars of the 1980’s and 90’s informed a language of fear
and hostility toward LGBT people, especially among those on the right. But
cultural acceptance of LGBT people is growing across the country, and in the
Republican party. In its lead segment, “Rhetoric and Reality,” IN THE LIFE
looks at how homophobic rhetoric is changing with the times, and meets a new
wave of Republicans who are challenging anti-gay bigotry from within the party.

Next, IN THE LIFE heads to
Minnesota for the most recent installment of its ongoing series covering
battles for LGBT equality at the State level, In The States. In
2011, The Advocate named Minneapolis-St. Paul the “gayest city
in America.” But for all the acceptance some LGBT Minnesotans experience,
opposition to equality is strong here. IN THE LIFE exposes public school
policies that silence the LGBT experience, rampant harassment of LGBT students
and looks at the State’s proposed initiative to limit marriage to heterosexual


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