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Thursday, February 9, 2012


How many of you have officially
thrown in the towel, give up and said, ‘I don't know what men want and I no
longer care. So I've stepped out of the “dating pool”, dried myself off and
left the damn resort?’

What is the game plan going forward?


Total as of Feb. 5, 2012:

Distributor: Open Road Films

Release Date:January 27, 2012

Genre: Action Drama

Runtime: 1 hrs. 57 min.

MPAA Rating: R

Production Budget: $25

In The Grey, Liam Neeson plays a brooding
sharpshooter who fights tough to save his ass from being eaten by wolves
following a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness.

Neeson plays a loner named Ottway, whose sharpshooting
oil-field job was to protect the work site against wildlife attacks. Before the
crash, he was suicidal, saved from self-destruction only by sun-dappled
bedroomy memories of his loving wife. After the crash, Ottway is the one who
rallies the living, sometimes just by growling at them with an Irish accent. He
shares his survivalist skills with frightened, angry men including a Swaggering
Blowhard Ex-Con (Frank Grillo), a Large Gentle Black Man (Nonso Anozie), and a
Reasonable Guy Who Reads (Dermot Mulroney, almost unrecognizable behind
bookworm eyeglasses). The starving, freezing men struggle through snowdrifts,
fight wolves, and philosophize around campfires. There are eight, and then
there are seven, and then there are fewer than that. Ottway suffers terribly —
haven't you seen those facial lacerations on the posters?

What's Good About the Movie: I
the pace and vibe of the movie, you actually felt like you was a part of
the action. The 
does it take to fight another day with no hope of salvation keeps you glued to the screen.

What's Bad About the Movie: I dislike the ending, but
read online that there was little something after the credits, however we still
don’t know if he survived

Overall Grade: B-


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