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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


¿WHAT DO YOU FEAR? Is it TRUTH, CHANGE or JUSTIFICATION? How about LOVE, ACCEPTANCE or HUMANITY? Or is it LIFE, PURPOSE or FREEDOM? I find that so many of us asked ourselves these questions yet no one has tried OR cared to find the answers while the scales of life are tipping from LOVE to FEAR. I once read somewhere that FEAR is the thought that we are not going to have something we think we need. After reading this it dawned on me that if a person that does not need anything OR anyone he or she is seen as living a life without FEAR. So in essence FEAR is need announced. So as I pondered FEAR, I wondered what are the reasons we have FEAR in the first place? It is blatantly obvious that we live in a world where life is inevitable AND disaster not impossible; yet we allow FEAR to heighten our deep preoccupation with failure AND disappointment. This brings us to THE ULTIMATE FEAR, the FEAR of being responsible; responsible for all that WE are creating. But isn’t it up to us to accept the responsibility and fully understand the implications of this FEAR so we can take the right steps in conquering the things that we’ve created? Crazy how the ritual of life that I call FEAR has caused us to lose so much because we FEARED not living a life that is based on what others think OR feel? I know first hand that FEAR is such a HARMFUL device because it is the single thing that STANDS in the way of responsiveness and the ability to consider what we need in this life. So how can one overcome their FEAR? Better yet is that even possible? Of course I am not going to answer that question because I think you know where I stand. Even though FEAR is IMMENSELY the most POWERFUL element on this planet, I think it can be controlled. From paying attention to human behavior (though I am NO expert), I say that OUR THOUGHTS are the things that TRIGGER the things we FEAR most. Think about it…Every step, every action, every creation, every experience starts with a thought. And that thought triggers another thought and so on. And when our thoughts are largely influenced by FEAR it is very difficult to choose a positive outlook on life. Especially when they influence OUR EMOTIONS; after all isn’t it OUR EMOTIONS that guide us throughout life? So then it would make sense that we operate out of LOVE so that the FEARS that exist won’t control us? Hence my thought that WHEN IT COMES TO FEAR WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE EXPERIENCE CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES BECAUSE OF OUR EMOTIONS & THOUGHTS…Not the other way round. The Universe sends us whatever matches our thoughts and feelings so we need to ensure that we do our best to remain in the light no matter the cause…SO TELL ME HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH OF LIVING A LIFE IN FEAR? ARE YOU READ TO STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX & CONQUER YOUR FEARS? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHY FEAR IS THE THING YOU NEED IN ORDER TO BE & DO THAT WHICH IS INTRINSICALLY RIGHT? WHEN ARE WE GOING TO REALIZE THAT IF WE SIMPLY TAKE AWAY OUR NEED FOR THIS N’ THAT, WE WON’T FEAR ANYTHING? FEAR WILL ALWAYS BE A PROBLEM BECAUSE IT AFFECTS EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES, BUT AS DIFFICULT AS IT SEEMED LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY TO CONQUER FEAR…AND IT STARTS WITH SELF-LOVE. FOR WE NEED NOT THE LOVE OF ANOTHER TO EXPERIENCE WHO WE ARE, WE CAN DO THAT ALL BY OURSELVES. FEAR HAS CAUSED US TO FORGET THAT LIFE IS A JOURNEY WITHOUT A BEGINNING & END. IT IS MADE UP OF AN IMMENSE NUMBER OF EXPERIENCES, EACH ONE SHAPING THE NEXT…AND THESE EXPERIENCES ARE CHARACTERIZED BY THE FEAR YOU FEEL WHILST YOU’RE GOING THROUGH THESE EXPERIENCES…SO DO YOU KNOW WHAT FEAR IS HOLDING YOU BACK FROM LIFE? I DARE YOU TO IDENTIFY IT, BUT IN DOING SO I ASK THAT YOU USE THIS GREAT ACRONYM FOR FEAR WHICH IS FEELING EXCITED AND READY…¿WHAT DO YOU FEAR?


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