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Thursday, June 5, 2008


When it comes to feeling confident about how you look and loving your WHOLE body, most of us could use a little positive reinforcement. Here are SIX tips that I thought would be VERY helpful:

  1. STOMACH (USUAL COMPLAINT: IT IS TOO BIG & FLABBY) THE FIX: Try adding certain foods like peanut butter, avocados, almonds and other belly-flatteners to your diet. Or, get off the couch and try these exercises that really target your abs. Dressing for your body type can also help you feel and look confident. DID YOU KNOW? The average adult woman's waist size is 34.3 inches and the average man's waist is 36.9. This bit of information also found that men and women grow 3-5 inches in the waist and 1-3 inches in the hips as they age from the 18-35 age group to the 36-65 group. A healthy waist limit for women is 35 inches and 40 for men; higher circumferences are associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome health risks.

  2. PENIS (USUAL COMPLAINT: IT IS SMALLER THAN NORMAL) THE FIX: Perhaps the only change men need to make is a mental one. A 60-year study of penile sizes and sex appeal published in the urology journal BJU International in June 2007 found that an overwhelming majority of men were satisfied with their partner's penile size? DID YOU KNOW? Though the issue of male attractiveness is complex, the penile size should NOT be the total focus of a man. Hence it would serve a man good to remember that the average erect penises ranged from 5.5 to 6.2 inches in length and 4.7 to 5.1 inches in girth.

  3. SMILE (USUAL COMPLAINT: MY LIPS TOO THICK/THINK & TEETH ARE NOT BRIGHT ENOUGH) THE FIX: We can't all have Marcus Patrick's lips, but if you want plumper lips consider lip plumbers. And to keep your teeth stain-free, please not the following: Coffee and cigarettes are two major culprits of teeth discoloration along with Dark Drinks, Excessive Fluoride, Medicine, Dental Damage/Poor Brushing Habits, Colorful Foods and Genetics/Aging. DID YOU KNOW? If you're under 50, you're likely to like your smile, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association that found that the under-50 crowd was most satisfied with their smiles.

  4. BUTT (USUAL COMPLAINT: IT IS NOT FIRM ENOUGH) THE FIX: While some products claim to reduce cellulite and tone your behind, there aren't many guarantees. Find out about cellulite reduction here. Men can be concerned about toning their behinds, but remember, when it comes to exercising with self-esteem issues the best approach is to take have a healthy, not obsessive attitude. DID YOU KNOW? About 85 percent of women have cellulite, while men are relatively unaffected. This is probably due to hormones, as well as the thickness (or thinness) of women's skin in comparison to men's.

  5. FEET (USUAL COMPLAINT: MY FEE ARE COVERED IN CALLUSES) THE FIX: Whether you've got calluses, corns, or athlete's foot, wearing comfortable shoes can help lessen your foot problem. Find out how to choose the proper footwear. Using a pumice stone (or, even treating yourself to a pedicure), can promote foot health, and can be a constructive, relaxing fix for your foot complaints. DID YOU KNOW? According to the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine, the average person walks 115,000 miles in a lifetime. That's more than four times around the entire world, which may explain why 87% of us suffer from some type of foot ailment.

  6. BODY HAIR (USUAL COMPLAINT: I AM TOO HAIRY) THE FIX: Hair removal is now a commonly accepted practice among men and from waxing to threading there are a lot of options available. To learn about the pains, speed and effectiveness of each hair removal process please seek answers before committing to this exercise. DID YOU KNOW? A study published by psychiatrist Dr. Aikarakudy Alias concluded that men with extraordinarily high IQ's generally had thicker, more abundant body hair than their less intelligent counterparts. He also found that the smartest members of Mensa (a high-IQ society) tended to have thick hair on their backs, as well as their chests

There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve SELF, but let’s try to have a bit more love for ourselves, too.


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