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Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Unrealistic Penis Expectations That Contribute to Sexual Anxieties

Men put a lot of pressure on their penises. Symbolically, they are expected to represent their owners — maybe that’s why they are so often referred to as a guy's manhood. Guys expect them to perform under pressure, to last as long as they want to, to grow to incredible length and width, to pleasure every partner beyond their wildest dreams, and so forth. 

By now, you may already see that men have, frankly, unrealistic expectations of what their penises should be able to do.

That wouldn’t be so bad necessarily, if not for the fact that these unrealistic expectations can and do lead to bad and disappointing sex (as well as anxiety, stress, and even self-hatred, too). Many people are well aware of the growing prevalence of body image issues for men, but fewer people realize that they’re not limited to wanting to lose pounds or gain muscle. Tons of guys around the world freak out about their penises, leading them to make bad decisions as well as simply experiencing emotional turmoil.

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