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Tuesday, July 20, 2021


If you feel that you’re in love with two different people, don’t act rashly. 

You might feel compelled to tell both people about your feelings, to break up with your current partner or to begin an affair with the newer one, all of which are likely to have unpleasant consequences for you and the other two people. 

How about you try to get to the root of what’s really going on inside you. It isn’t really about the other people, it’s about your relationship with you. “If you’re commitment-phobic, there’s a reason. Why not work through that, learn to understand yourself, learn what intimacy truly is and you’ll save yourself, and those you love a lot of heartache. Once you understand what’s going on in your own heart, you’ll be more able to communicate it to other people.

Of course, given the way monogamy is increasingly giving way to more flexible alternatives, it can be tempting to imagine that you could work out an arrangement where you can be in a relationship with both people without it being cheating. 

Love is a powerful feeling, and most people understand that enough to use it to describe situations where they genuinely do feel powerful emotions.

However, if you feel like you’re in love with two people at the same time — particularly if you’re in a relationship with one of them and developing feelings for the other — you owe it to yourself and the two people you’re thinking of to explore what it is that’s really going on with you, emotionally. 

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  1. Yes... open up the channels of communication at once... and then open up your relationship to a whole new world. Why must we only love one? There are all kinds of love and there must be room for all! Everybody needs love.