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Monday, November 2, 2020



“I don’t bother a soul in this industry.”

Lil Nas X has responded to criticism from trolls over his fierce Halloween costume.

Over the weekend, the star went viral on social media after recreating Nicki Minaj’s iconic ensemble from her Super Bass video, complete with a skintight pink bodysuit emblazoned with giraffe prints and a half-blond and pink wig.

He even posed with a motorcycle made of ice. Like, c’mon. There were so many fantastic Halloween costumes this year, but Spooky Season 2020 belonged to Lil Nas X. Facts are facts.

Fans lost their goddamn minds, but there were some detractors – including 50 Cent, who wrote: “What the fuck, Nikki come get him! Lol.”

The Candy Shop rapper, who has a sordid history when it comes to his views over the LGBTQ+ community, was subsequently accused of homophobia by fans.

“Mm it’s the homophobia for me, straight men are SO INSECURE its hurts,” one Twitter user hit back, while another said: “This shouldn’t have bothered you.

“You could have kept scrolling… now you acting mad sus, pressed about a young homosexual’s costume.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Lil Nas X responded in classic Lil Nas X fashion: “50 Cent please stop making collages of me challenge.”

Sadly, the homophobic remarks kept on coming, with American rapper Dave East sharing his outfit on Instagram with the following caption: “And ya’ll was mad at me about this n***a. Bati mon. Bun up!”

After one fan hit out at East for his comments and his “obsession” with the LGBTQ+ community, Lil Nas X said: “It’s “batty man” n****s can’t even be homophobic the proper way smh butchering the hell out of the patois.”

He continued in another tweet: “Bro I don’t bother a soul in this industry. All I do is tweet and make bangers. Leave me alone damn.”


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