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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, November 27, 2020



In 2020, I hope you fall in love with being alive.

I hope you fall in love with the loud moments and the softer moments. I hope you fall in love with both the star-scattered sky and the thunderstorms that burst out above your head. I hope you lose your umbrella and you let loose and dance in the rain showers, letting water drip across every fiber of your being.

I hope you stop fearing the fall, and that you finally just take a leap of faith and jump off of the side of the mountain. I hope your wings burst out of you, and your fall turns into the most beautiful flight of your life.

I hope you step out of the shadows and stop fearing who you really are. I hope you let the glorious spotlights shine freely on you, and that you allow the world to see you in all of your beauty. I hope you become unafraid of your reflection, and that you finally feel the freedom to show up as who you are.

I hope that you let your own mind and your own compassion guide you, rather than your worries about what others believe to be true of you. I hope you see yourself with kindness and compassion, rather than criticizing yourself for things that are beyond your control.

I hope you fall in love with living in the grey area. I hope you fall in love with the uncertainties and realize that the uncertainties mean that you have a whole book of blank pages that you can write whatever you want on.

I hope that each time you stumble, you look up at the beautiful clouds and know that falling down is only life gracefully rerouted you in a better direction.

I hope that you fall in love with who you are. I hope you leave the self-doubt behind, and that you realize that there is only one of you on the planet for a reason. You are needed here, and worrying about who you are is only holding you back from being exactly who you are supposed to be.

I hope you fall in love with life. I hope you learn that seasons come and go and that nothing lasts forever. I hope you celebrate when the hard times end, and I hope you learn when the clouds roll through.

This year, I hope you put intention into creating yourself, rather than finding yourself. You were never lost, to begin with, just afraid and uncertain. I hope you learn to explore who you really are, beneath the surface. And I hope you choose to paint your self-portrait in a rainbow of colors. I hope you love who you are, as you discover all that exists within you.

I hope you see life with innocence and without expectation. I hope you let the ups and the downs become a spectacular roller coaster that exceeds all that you had ever hoped for. I hope you fall in love with who you are and how you are.

I hope you aren’t so fearful of the silent times or of the slow times. I hope you learn that quiet reflection can lead to growth, and that silence can lead you to peace. I hope the still moments become just as meaningful as the exciting moments.

I hope you let love shower you and I hope you let people see your soft side.

I hope you know that life will get better, even when you feel as though you are about to break.

I hope you learn that you are lovable even if someone doesn’t love you.

Above all, in 2020, I hope you fall in love with being alive.

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