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Thursday, October 8, 2020



We're all typical gay men to some degree. We enjoy partying, social meet ups, new friends and of course lots and lots of sex. Show me a gay man who hasn’t had a one night stand in their time and I would be very surprised.

For many of us one night stands are a time of transition – from boy to man, a sexual awakening if you will. Gone are the days of sneaking boys into your house when your parents are out. You can go out and fuck as many men as you want, because nobody is there to stop you.

As the popular comic book quote goes, "with great power, comes great responsibility" this holds so true for the many gay men that still needs to be sensitized about stigma, safer sex & HIV.

I am shocked at the lack of education about HIV and AIDS that many gay men still have, a vast number of them are well over the age of 50. This perception towards HIV and AIDS is a recurrent theme and I wonder if it ever be eradicated.

Why some gay men hold onto the stigma of HIV? 

We need to step up and encourage each other to take care of themselves and their bodies, let them know that we care and find a way to heal the pain of HIV. The fight against HIV is an ongoing battle, and if we want the world to stop thinking of this disease as "gay thing" we need stop thinking that it is among ourselves.

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