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Friday, September 2, 2016


It’s that time year again when black gays, lesbians, and transgendereds from around the globe make their annual pilgrimage to Atlanta Black Gay Pride during Labor Day Weekend. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this year’s prides festivities are sure to be entertaining, exciting,and full of debauchery.

Although Atlanta Black Gay Pride is about fun and celebrating our #blackgaymagic, however, it is also important to be safe out here in these streets. Unfortunately, some past incidents during pride weekend has put a damper on celebrations. In 2014,  Henry Lee drowned while attending a pool party. In 2010, Traxx owner and one of the organizers for Black Gay Pride, Durand Robinson, was murdered a few days prior to Pride. Days after Robinson’s death, Calvin Streater, and Samuel Blizzard, Jr. were also murdered execution style at a residence. News reports stated both Streater and Blizzard were in town for Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weekend.

Here are some tips on how to keep the lusciousness on lock and the shenanigans at a standstill during the family reunion in the gay mecca.

1.   Please set aside at least $100-$200 for any emergency purposes. And by emergency, you and the person you rode to Atlanta with fell out over something trivial and they left your ass stranded with no way of getting home. That extra $100-$200 will at least a get you a ticket on the Megabus or Greyhound to get back home.

2.   Buy a Pride Pass to save money on club admission and time standing in line. During Pride weekend, the club’s admission is bound to cost between $20-$100 per night. To save money, purchase a pride pass for the weekend because even if you’re going out for two nights, the pass has paid for itself. Now you’re asking, whose parties should I attend? Well sweetie, no promoter has sent me anything(i.e. money, press pass, tickets, etc) to give them my full endorsement(besides Rockstars Productions for the Trina flyer). However choose the promoter who has your favorite artists or celeb for the weekend.

3.   Be prepared to be stuck in traffic. Not only is Gay Pride this weekend, there’s DragonCon for the geeks, Ludacris’ Ludaday Weekend for Groupies in Waiting, and a random college football game, so traffic is going to be horrible. Take MARTA, Uber, or Lyft to Lenox Mall on Saturday and Piedmont Park on Sunday.

4.   Speaking of traffic, please obey the parking signs. ParkAtlanta(the parking enforcement) will be on a ticket it/boot it/tow it frenzy this holiday weekend. You will have to pay to park in Midtown except on Sunday, but pay attention to the “No Parking” signs because your vehicle will get towed. Since more than likely, you don’t have a Georgia State ID, it will be hell getting your vehicle back before Tuesday from the towing company. If your vehicle happens to get towed, please check the ParkAtlanta website, under the Find Your Towed Vehicle caption.

5.   Don’t do anything stupid to get your ass locked up for the weekend.That means no fighting, no shooting, no stunting, no drunk driving. Why? Because you don’t have a Georgia State ID and no one can bail your black ass out without one. You will be locked up in Fulton or DeKalb County Jail until  your court appearance. If you get locked up in Fulton County, ask for the Sissy Cellblock.

6.   If you’re going to the club, be aware of possible exits. In the wake of the Club Pulse shootings in Orlando, not only be aware of your surroundings but also take notice of every possible exit in the club. Before drinking or dancing, walk around the entire club at least once and locate all the exits and bathrooms to make sure they have windows just in case something pops off.

7.   Don’t accept drugs, liquor, or other beverages from anyone you don’t know or trust including your friends. You don’t know what these things might be laced with and you don’t want to end up doing something you might regret.

8.   If you’re going out alone to meet a stranger for a possible “casual encounter”, be sure to let a friend know where you are, who you’re going with, and the real identity of the person you’re meeting. Basically, Snapchat and screenshot that nigga to your friends just in case of emergency. If the nigga only goes by Jay or Dee, is the invisible man because he’s on the dl, or serving catfish, do not meet up with him. You need a real name, a real picture, and a real location.

9.   Speaking of casual encounters, make sure you take precautions sexually. The sexual energy during Atlanta Black Gay Pride is going to be lit and someone else’s bottom is going to try to play top, so make sure take care of your sexual health. That means condoms and if you have a prescription, make sure you take PrEP.  I don’t want you to get a souvenir that you can’t get rid of.

10.                     Last but least, have fun. This is time to celebrate our #blackgaymagic and with so much shit going on in the world, this is a time to have fun and celebrate with your bristahs in the struggle. The organizers and promoters’ main goal for the weekend is to have everyone have grand gay ass time.


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