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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Ellen DeGeneres helped a gay man propose marriage to his boyfriend.

After a recent taping of her show, DeGeneres asked the audience to hang around for something extra, then called down Benjamin and Justin to the stage.

“Sometimes I like to just see if there's just random people that have anything to say,” DeGeneres told the audience before handing over the mic to Benjamin.

“Justin,” Benjamin said, “February 17th we came and saw Ellen and that's when I gave you a commitment ring. Said I wanted to spend my life with you and that hasn't changed.”

Benjamin got down on one knee and produced a ring

“Will you marry me?” he asked.

Justin accepted the proposal and later told DeGeneres that he was taken completely by surprise.

The men, who live in Fort Myers, Florida, said they've been dating about a year. They did not say whether they would be marrying in California before returning to Florida, where such unions are not recognized by the state.

“So this is fast!” DeGeneres said of their courtship.

“I know he's the one,” Justin responded.

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