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Friday, July 12, 2013


Opening this Friday, are Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2 and Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. I am interested in both movies, but not everyone in my camp is, which movie will you watch this weekend?

Grown Ups 2


- The first film showed excellent legs as it made four times its opening weekend domestically.
- The home video sales of Grown Ups further cemented it as an audience favorite.
- Families are a major component of Sandler's and this franchise's audience base.
- Twitter, Facebook, and Flixster activity are all at very healthy levels.
- Sandler films tend to be critic-proof, so his first sequel could be no different. 


- The glut of comedies in the market this summer could alleviate some upfront demand for another one, however, that could be offset by the family + sequel appeal.
- Comedy sequels tend to be significantly more front-loaded than their predecessors.
- Even Sandler's fan base decided not to turn out for Jack & Jill and That's My Boy in recent years.
- Will the comedic team-up still be as fresh for audiences three years after the first successful effort?

Pacific Rim


- Guillermo del Toro's strong, if limited, fan following.
- The nature of the film's potential appeal to male audiences of all ages--particularly young boys, a segment that drove the Transformers films.
- Enthusiastic reviews and early screening word of mouth have slowly started to drum up buzz late in the marketing cycle.
- As an original film, audiences could embrace it after a summer filled with sequels treading the same ground.
- Flixster activity has been relatively healthy, as have early Fandango sales.


- Awareness and interest levels have suffered in recent weeks due to the studio's lazy marketing campaign.
- The heavy amount of competition in the market already.
- The film lacks any recognizable stars besides Idris Elba to lure in general audiences.
- Original films don't always break the mold on opening weekend due to the lack of built-in interest and appeal. Legs will be more crucial for this.

- Twitter and Facebook activity have left something to be desired.

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