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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Cheating is generally considered wrong. So is revenge sex the moral grey area that 'rights' that wrong? Many say it is not even really cheating and it is much closer to the revenge side of the relationship scale. 
Will it heal your wounds? In my opinion, NO! The emotional fallout will still come. Will revenge sex dull the sting of being cheated on? Where ever you are on this subject, just don’t take photos or video tape it. You may not regret the sex, but I am sure you'll regret the viral media attention, or not.


  1. What is the point of seeking revenge? If my man cheated the relationship is over! If you have to cheat then I was never a consideration. People cheat because they make a conscience choice to do so. When they place blame on the other it merely an excuse to justify their behavior

  2. Unfortunately many people feel this is a rational thing to do. Two wrongs doesn't equal a right. Been cheated on? Just LEAVE! I am not going let a cheater turn ME into one just to get back at them.

    But I may be a little hypocritical on the matter, I won't cheat on the cheater because it does not seem rational. At the same time, I cannot see myself letting him get AWAY with cheating on me. So while I won't cheat, I just might end up doing things to make him damage property of some sort, smashed windows, etc. *evil giggle*

    1. AMEN SIR, LOVE your comment except for the damage property part don't be evil :-)

  3. hmmm.. No, I wouldn't go out and have 'revenge' sex because that would essentially cancel out the wrong and I would be going against the ethical standards by which I choose to live.

    After the initial rage and hurt subsided, I'd want to know why it happened and what I could do to keep it from happening again. If I were to find out that he was a chronic cheater, then this relationship was a sham from day one and it would be over. Otherwise, I would want to work hard with him to retain what we have built together over the years.

    Would I forget? No. Would I forgive?? Yes, eventually, and we would go on with our lives together if we both agree that is what we truly want.

    1. yeah hopefully it is something that you work on and get pass



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