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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006


My friends and I were having a discussion that prompted my theory of 'SIX DEGREES OF HOMOSEXUALITY.' We were all sitting on the bed just talking, and for some reason we started talking about guys, not realizing that we all knew one guy in particular. However, a certain guy by the name of Dominique stood out to me and to my friends. Apparently he used his real name with me and some another with them, so imagine their shock when they realized that he is the same person and that he is GAY! I THOUGHT IT INTERESTING BECAUSE IT SEEMS THAT NO MATTER HOW WE THINK WE ARE MEETING A NEW FACE HE ISN’T SO NEW. Yes he is new to the person that don’t know him, but he ISN’T new to the game…The world is round and if we form a circle around it, the gay community would be hand in hand, fucking each other like there is no tomorrow. Now don’t get me wrong, the SOLE purpose of this entry is NOT to bash gay men for engaging in sexual encounters with each other, that would rather wrong of me…right? I am no saint, I have done my fair share of fucking and sucking, but I am not defined by what I do sexually. Sad to say most GAY men are. In their own primitive way I feel that these men believe that this is their attempt to bring the community closer gaining acceptance. Given this was the case, it is quite reasonable for us to understand the biological make up of what is called homosexuality. The bonding of men, with the natural desire to form a soulful union never seems to happen, its all about the getting off. Man, unlike the animal beasts that roamed the earth, was unique, in that God gave him free will. His free will allowed for him to experience the world through his sense of sight and sound allowing him to come to terms with the very idea of existing. Homosexual men live in a time of great challenge; this very existence would have urged him to continually search out the means of providing for himself and his community. Hence it’s inevitable that we all know each other? Are the orgies and hook-ups that occur in our community the only REAL connections that we can make? I endeavor not to do so. I want a life that about a connection that extends beyond what I can do sexually with another man. I want us to connect with each other and not just see a dick to suck or an ass to ride. Among the perils we are confronted with, our survival, our continual hunt for prey; wouldn’t it be better to stalk the beast and walk away rather than it becoming a matter of kill or be killed? We are very complex, so when GOD created the world and gave us as gift to the world he did so with love. Until society can nurture, love and give it freely to HOMOSEXUALS, the world shall always be at conflict with each other. The consequences arising from such atrocities will be making us victims of ourselves.


We are like nature; nature is a mirror, inspiring and teaching us, deepening our sense of belonging in the world. Wherever you look, you can see that our patterns and the patterns of the natural world are the same. You can find this resonance in every form, from molecules to plants and animals and to planets. We live our lives according to the same principles as the trees, the mountains, the clouds, and the birds. We begin our lives in the womb, folded in on ourselves like the bud of a flower. We can see our whole lives in the mirror of this natural form. When we emerge from the womb, we slowly begin our unfolding, just as the flower begins to open its petals. At its prime, the flower draws many insects to it and also the eyes of appreciative humans. When the flower's petals begin to fade and its life cycle comes to an end, it ceases to hold itself upright and returns to the earth. Traditionally, we return to the earth, just as all plants and animals do. Like flowers, we leave behind seeds in the forms of children and other gifts only we could have given. They continue to unfold even after we are gone. Rebirth is encoded into our lives, and death is just one part of the cycle. Look around you, and you will find connection and insight. Notice how your moods shift from one to another like the sky shifts from bright blue to turbulent grays. Your thoughts are like clouds, appearing, changing shape, passing through, and then disappearing without a trace. The rain cleanses the sky, just as an emotional release cleanses your mind. The sky itself is your eternal awareness, unchanging underneath all these permutations. Let it reflect back to you your own abiding perfection. As you walk through the world, find your own metaphors for connectedness in nature. Flesh them out fully and follow them as they lead you through the mystery and intelligence of life.


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