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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


According to past contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race, season two competitor Sahara Davenport has passed away, making her the show's first star to sashay away into heaven.

She was 27. She also owned more than 100 wigs. And she came into this world as Antoine Ashley, a young boy who went on to study dance at the very conservative Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Davenport performed on Dallas' one gay strip during her university years and, after graduating, made the very wise choice of moving to New York City where she made a name for herself "by doing talent nights, talent competitions and networking and meeting all the working girls."

By day, Ashley took classes, booked gigs and taught private dance lessons. But by night, she became Sahara Davenport — an elegant, drag dancer whose name was bestowed upon her by favorite performer and drag godmother Sierra Davenport.

While in New York, Sahara began working for Screaming Queens Entertainment, a company "which hires drag queens out as 'ambience girls' for corporate events and bar mitzvahs." Her favorite outfit was, of course, a "red-sequined cat suit that looks like a flying squirrel."

During that time she also began dating season three Drag Racer Manila Luzon. The two resided in Harlem together. She shined in Drag Race season two by impersonating Whitney Houston in the Snatch Game and leading her team to earn the most money through burlesque dancing and selling their sweet cherry pies on the streets of Los Angeles—werque!

She twice saved herself from elimination during rounds of "lip-synch for your life," but all the pirouettes and ballet kicks in her repertoire could not save her after screeching and stumbling through a rock performance of RuPaul's "Lady Boy."

The judges said she was too lady like and not enough rock-and-roll. But she proved them wrong by releasing two singles after competing in Drag Race: “Pump with Me” and “Go Off.” Here's how Davenport described her track "Go Off":

“Go Off” is that moment in life when you decide to give yourself the power to do whatever it is you want to do, but at your maximum potential. Whatever it is, dance the house down, pick up a hot guy, or even slap the bitch who stole your last boyfriend. It’s definitely about letting down walls and showing your loudest colors."

Last night, Drag Race alum began tweeting about Davenport's passing, although it's not been disclosed how it happened:

Stacy Layne Matthews: "Just lost one of my Drag Race sisters….. RIP Sahara Davenport!!!!!!! I love you sis!!!!!!"

Jujubee: "A beautiful angel has been added to Heaven. Rest in peace my sweet friend. We will miss you, Sahara Davenport."

Tatianna: "I’m at a complete loss for words. Rest in peace Miss Sahara Davenport. You were a beautiful person, performer, and sister. I will never forget you or the experiences we had together. Love you always."

Michelle Visage, a Drag Race judge, confirmed the Twitter reports: "It’s true and I have no words. Have to sign off for now kids, can’t handle this. XOXO"

Manila Luzon: "I love him so much."



What is a
This is a question that haunts all men—straight, gay, bi, and transsexual.
We strive to answer it as best we can, given whatever role models we grew up
with. Many years ago, when I was managing convenience stores, I had a handsome
Latino vendor that came in one day and announced that his girlfriend was
pregnant, and that he was now a man. One of society’s prejudices against gay
men is that they do not procreate, and since they don’t, gay men are not really

You will have to decide what it means for yourself. I think that as
a whole, we have moved beyond the "John Wayne, strong, tough,
unfeeling" manhood stereotype, but each man must find his own way in life.
Can you be a man and get anally penetrated, or perform oral sex on a man? To
accept or come to terms with what it means to be a gay man, may, and probably
will, mean grieving what you thought made a man. As we let go of our fantasies
and ideas about who we are, then grief is a natural process that follows.

For most, being with another man emotionally, sexually, and
physically means that you do not have the defined gender roles of a man and
woman, either sexually or practically, in a relationship. Most men are, to some
degree, sexually versatile, and who cooks, washes the dishes, cleans the house,
or does the yard work has to all be negotiated. It is not just assumed, based upon
gender, what each man’s role is going to be. So does trading roles make you a
partial man? Personally, I think that being a man is about knowing and
expressing all the parts of you, the masculine as well as the feminine, the top
and the bottom, all defined as a fully integrated you and how you choose to
express that. Being gay is an interesting journey, one with less societal
rules, and thus more room for creative exploration.



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