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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


RuPaul's Drag Race is back on Logo (and VH1) and, as usual when it comes to the second season of a break-out hit that no one expected to be a hit, it's exactly the same ... and at the same time "bigger."(I get caught up a day later because we don’t have logo here in the Bahamas so I watch it on VH1).

The most jarring change is the obviously-improved budget (except when it comes to the grand prize: headlining a Drag Race tour and $25,000). The production values are much better and the sets and the runway look great.

As for the contestants, the show has done another good job of featuring a wide variety of both drag queen "styles" and personality types, although I confess didn't see any totally unique immediate stand-outs, like last year's Nina Flowers and Tammie Brown. Jujubee will surely end up being an audience favorite — she's already mine — while Morgan, Raven, Nicole Paige Brooks, Mystique, Tatianna, and, well, maybe everyone else will apparently be battling it out for the role of "uber-bitch."

The first episode's major challenge, "Gone With the Window," was ridiculously clever, asking the contestants to fashion a gown out of curtains a la Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind.

Guest judge Kathy Griffin was her usual, hilarious self, especially with her drag queen look-alike Pandora Boxx, and I really hope this is an indication that the celebrity guest judges, always stellar on this show, have more to do and say this year.

There was a hint during the previews that future judges are incorporated into the challenges themselves, the way they are on Project Runway, and this would be a terrific turn of events.

But all in all this is a FUN show that is sure to please!


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