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Thursday, August 13, 2009


New York City’s premier all-vogue dance company. Assembled in early 2008, Vogue Evolution aims to be in the forefront of bringing vogue and house/ball culture to main stream media. Vogue Evolution comprises of some of New York’s most respected and creative figures in the House/Ballroom scene. The Historic House- Ball Culture in NYC has been around since the Harlem Renaissance and has since flourished influencing the country and now the world through main stream media. Vogue Evolution’s mission is to both entertain and educate world audiences of the true story of the House/Ballroom scene, a historic culture that for decades has influenced pop culture and media. “The House-Ballroom Scene” is a culture of celebration, competition and unity, where house members from all over the country gather and compete at events called “Balls” in different categories such as “Face,” “Runway” and the ever so popular “Vogue”. It is this dance form in particular that has its roots with this community- a community rising to the occasion to tell its history. Vogue Evolution began as the brain child of ballroom veteran Pony Zion who then collaborated with Dashawn Evisu and Michael Roberson of the agency P.O.C.C. and later with Sage Mugler of Bronx Community Pride Center. Vogue Evolution has since moved beyond just a dance company to become an envoy that stands committed to effectively changing the lives of the LGBT community through the art of dance. Vogue Evolution works to empower Black and Latino gay youth around self-value, while educating the community on HIV/AIDS awareness, and encouraging the importance of getting tested now. Vogue Evolution takes responsibility for the cultural evolution in and out of the “ballroom scene” creating powerful results in the world.

For decades, the House/Ballroom scene has nourished itself in the shadows of urban life throughout the country. This year, on the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, a new wave of revolutionaries is born. The historic House/ Ballroom scene, which dates back to the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s, has been on the cutting edge of pop culture since its commencement. Its ever present influence has been observed in American fashion, culture, and entertainment, yet mainstream audiences have yet to accredit the origins of this influence.

Vogue Evolution is here to help change all of that. This collective of the House/Ballroom scene seasoned dancers are at the forefront of showing and educating the world on their culture and diversity. The group has made it to the final 12 on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, which will be televised this Sunday at 9pm on MTV. The competition is fierce, but these fab 5 are not just a crew. They are representing a culture and dance form molded out of the same community that revolutionized this country 40 years ago! Get ready because they’re going to show you that it’s no longer about being fierce, but has everything to do with being OVAH!


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