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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, June 6, 2008


Can someone tell me why is it politically correct to be called a species of HOMOSAPIENS meaning human beings but it’s not correct to be considered a HOMOSEXUAL? Biologically we are HOMO/SAPIENS (beings of human origin or race) HOMO (man, human) SAPIENS (to know) when the two are combined you get HUMAN BEINGS. Now if HOMO means MAN/HUMAN & SEXUAL has to do with sex OR the sexes; how is it when they are combined you get GAY, FAG or QUEER? Shouldn’t we be seen as SEXUAL HUMANS or SEXUAL SEXES? If HOMO means MAN or HUMAN which is a good thing and SAPIEN means to know or to be aware, shouldn’t the correct term for Humans who have intercourse be HOMOSEXUALS? How did society come to associate HETERO-SEXUAL to mean SEXUAL HUMAN BEINGS of different genders, when HETERO means DIFFERENT? So when one combines HETERO & SEXUAL we get STRAIGHT, REAL MAN/WOMAN? The answer is NO! If one were to combine these terms you really get DIFFERENT SEXES or OTHER SEXES. Though the term HETERO isn’t relative to anything considered living and without the sexual part referring to living organisms that have intercourse; the term HETERO would not be needed to differentiate the organism’s gender and sexual partnering. If this was to be a true OR correct term that would be acceptable to differentiate the way different gendered organisms have intercourse then as a species of HOMOSAPIENS shouldn’t we be referred to as HETEROSAPIENS?  Though I make this argument, I understand that my point does NOT specify a species nor does it reference to the evolutional intelligence of a species. However it my belief that as HUMAN BEINGS we cannot refer to ourselves as HETEROSAPIENS so we shouldn’t refer ourselves as HETEROSEXUAL either. Therefore, to put it all in correct terminology once and for all, let’s say that HOMOSEXUALITY truly means HUMAN SEXES that engage in intercourse is a truer statement than saying HETEROSEXUALS which mean nothing than two different things that engage in intercourse behavior. To simplify this whole separatism mess and incorrect terminology being thrown about and maybe end the hate among us humans let’s incorporate everyone one under one terminology that reference both genders to an act that can’t be considered bad for one gender with a partner of the same gender yet ok for the same gender with a partner of a different gender.  LET US RID OURSELVES OF TERMS SUCH AS HOMO & HETERO & ADOPT NEW TERMS SUCH AS HOMOSAPIENSEXUAL, SAPIENSEXUAL, HUMANSEXUAL, HOMETEROSEXUAL, HEMOSEXUAL, SEXESEXUAL OR JUST SEXUAL? I FEEL THIS PROBLEM WE SEEM TO HAVE WITH SEXUALITY STARTS WITH LABELS & SHOULD REALLY BE ADDRESSED. BEING THAT THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE OF HOMOSAPIEN ON THIS PLANET, THIS MEANING THAT WE ARE ALL CONNECTED & NEED EACH OTHER TO SURVIVE; WHY THEN ARE WE HURTING EACH OTHER OVER THE ONE THING THAT CONNECTS US?


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