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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Thursday, November 2, 2006


WE WON'T DISAPPEAR...OUR HEARTS CANNOT RELEASE WOT IT HOLDS ON 2 Homophobia, as it should be known, it is defined as a fear (technically a phobia) and/or hate attitude toward a person because of her/his homosexual orientation. The gay community has suffered enough under the guise of a morally functional and fair society. We are literally ‘slayed’ in this modern day and age for our sexual preferences. We are discriminated against, promoted less in the workplace, unfairly judged and not accepted by members of our own families, scoffed at… and in many cases physically attacked or even killed. From a personal place, I become weary at the overwhelming amount of homophobia. It is important, from a moral place, to call a spade a spade as it were; so as to protect the integrity and rights of victims of this crime. Homophobia when manifested is a signal of deeper character problem, insecurity or fear of internal workings that perhaps are mirrored in the victim.

Funny how I think that if WE are left ALONE life would perfectly sweet; if WE stayed in WORLD and THEY stay in theirs are existence on this planet would be so lovely. Crazy how they care about what I do with MY D!CK, why is it so important to you? You ain't trying to save why bother? Why give a FUCK? We are gonna LIVE OUT LOUD! Shhh! don't tell them that we know that we are all created equal under God, we are all his children and angels and we will not allow society to label, cheat, or treacherously persecute US... You see, discrimination is a seed of hatred and a process called ignorance, we are here to encourage men, women, and children to co-exist in this world. We are here to show you to co-exist without a need to build resentment, envy or hatred. I've heard and encountered some extremely small minded and conservative individuals, so I can positively assert my attention to the issue and raise awareness of this serious condition our society is in. There are those who wish to even entertain the ignorance of discrimination, but I say the best offense is an organized, faith-filled stand! I AM SLAVE TO THIS DREAM…We must make it known that God loves everyone, we love ourselves and we'll continue to live…

They would much rather see us in HELL & SUFFER...We met the devil & the deep ‘HOLY EYE’ and stare illusion eye to eye. It almost amusing...interesting…more importantly, we get an extra dose of manhood. So wish us an enternity of fire and brimstone, we are just greeting the old acquaintance that's rumored to live amongst thieves. With great respect we receive his message. No screen nor smoke…we are men that are chased by the devil with eyes wide open, wide enough to see. We sense the undercurrent of energy thrumming through the Universe; like the wind or a whisper. We are caught in what’s embellished and what is true. We are not trying to figure out the difference between me and you, we are stillness in motion…Living in perfect balance…we recognize the footsteps in the sand and stepped out on faith and take a chance.And we realize the truth’s inside the forbidden desires, the pleasurable gratification, the impressions, image and vague premonitions of world that doesn’t exist. Life is pain, we are insane…broken rules; we are the abomination that life devoured, the reason why anal orgasm exist!

Do you think they know that hatred is the anger of the weak….its is all a lie; and there is NO truth in hate?I am here to encourage you to rest in peace! God didn’t kill you but other people did. God has never stopped loving you. Your horrible deaths were not completely in vain but became a testament to love, consciousness and advocacy of the living. I hope that the impact of your life and the awakening of consciousness that you have stirred continues to live on.


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