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Thursday, February 18, 2016


If you watch him carefully, this man is in obsessively gym-toned shape. Some of you might argue with me on this one (and note that your straight cousin is an exception or your straight neighbor’s not gay but does this too), but it’s incredibly rare to find a straight male who is that buff.  In the gym, a lot of straight guys workout on a very regular basis; some of them become obsessed with exercise too…but it’s the gay men who really keep themselves in the shape that  he keeps himself in.  The straight men who spend a lot of time in the gym are usually guys who do it for stress-relief or to maintain their weight. Some straight guys become the crazy marathon runner or cyclist guys; you can tell them immediately because they tend to look gaunt and exhausted all the time and are guys that have very strange and obsessive personalities that make them seem like they could explode at any minute. 

Gay guys, however, bulk up and keep themselves as trim as possible because they want the attention from other guys that this conditioning brings. It’s a peacock thing. That guy  is preening and exhibiting himself,  he knows is going to be viewed by other guys.  Do you know this man?

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