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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Showing your guy that you care doesn’t have to involve expensive dinners or breaking the bank on pricey gifts.

1. Send your sweetie a sweet, short and sexy text or email. (Not to his work email!)
2. Leave a little note in his briefcase or laptop bag so he will find it when he gets to work.
3. When your significant other gets home, be waiting in the bedroom dressed in your favorite sexy underwear (or nothing at all!) you know what happens next.
4. Plan a surprise outing! Start with dinner at his favorite restaurant, and then reveal tickets to a show or sports game.
5. Take a hot air balloon ride together.
6. Surprise him with that special something he has been coveting (no matter how big or small).
7. Send flowers or cookies for no reason at all.
8. Take his dog for a walk.
9. Stock his fridge with his favorite beer and his shelves with his favorite snacks.
10. Stop by your sweetie’s office around lunchtime with his favorite noontime nosh.
11. Take a drive together a car trips provide some of the best time for talking one-on-one.
12. Snuggle after sex even if you are tired.
13. Give a back massage.
14. Offer a foot rub without asking for one in return!
15. Fill up his gas tank.
16. If he comes home after a boy’s night WAY past the time he said he would, let it go.
17. Make breakfast in bed.
18. Stay in bed all day pajamas optional.
19. Take a late-night, hand-in-hand stroll.
20. Sign up for a class you know he has been wanting to take together.
21. Make up silly nicknames for each other that you ONLY call each other in private!
22. Make a mouse pad (or a mug or a calendar) with your picture on it for his desk.
23. Start a hobby together.
24. Do something nice for his mother, brother, sister, etc.
25. Let him pick the movie this time.
26. Make a special dinner for him.
27. When he gets home, hand him a glass of wine, sit down together and let him talk about his day.
28. Do chores or errands without being asked and without complaining.
29. Make appointments for him (medical, dental etc.)
30. Leave a note on the bathroom mirror so he will see it first thing in the morning.
31. Send a sexy picture message to his phone.
32. Leave a note for him to meet at his favorite bar or club. When he arrives, do some fun role-play and pretend you are meeting for the first time.
33. Wash his car for him.
34. Do his laundry.
35. Recreate your first date then recall all the feelings you had for each other that very first night.
36. Make a creative coupon book (free massage, free night out with the guys, etc.) without an expiration date!
37. Book a couple’s massage.
38. Plan a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast.
39. Dedicate a day to the one you love plan a day filled with his favorite things.
40. Plan a surprise party for him.
41. Send him a nice (or naughty!) card. Even if you live together, mail it!
42. If he cooks, clean up the kitchen when he done.
43. Buy him a calendar and fill it with important dates (our first dinner together, our three-year anniversary, etc.).
44. Have a romantic/sexy photo session done together or have sexy pictures taken of yourself and make a private album for him.
45. Make a big deal out of the holidays.
46. Scatter rose petals on the bed
47. If he has to work late, have his favorite take-out delivered to the office, and pre-pay, of course!
48. Have a talk about the future and let him know that he is a part of it.
49. Buy his favorite cologne, and simply put it in the medicine cabinet for him to discover on his own.
50. Declare a day of the week as your time to be together, even if you just snuggle on the couch together.
51. Take him home to meet the family.
52. Propose when you are ready for marriage.
53. Go on a picnic.
54. Explore your adventurous sides together do something daring that neither of you have tried before, such as bungee jumping or sky diving. The experience will bring you closer.
55. Designate a place as your favorite restaurant or bar and frequent it together often.
56. Volunteer together. Work side-by-side at your local animal shelter, nursing home or as you gather donations for your local food bank.
57. Take him to an art gallery or art walk.
58. Arrange to have a house cleaner come to his place and spruce things up!
59. Introduce him to your best friends.
60. Walk him out when he leaves for work.
61. Make him a special bag lunch with a note written on a napkin inside.
62. Get him a subscription to his favorite magazine.
63. If he has a business trip, offer to drive to the airport, so he doesn’t have to take a cab.
64. Leave a sweet note on a post-it on his car windshield or steering wheel.
65. Flirt with him unabashedly.
66. If he has been working out extra hard or dieting, compliment him on his weight loss or how big his muscles are getting.
67. Rent some silly comedies and spend the night laughing together.
68. Take a shower together.
69. Offer to shave his face or ask him to shave yours.


The first episode of the final season of “Spartacus” has only just finished and already it feels like we’ve been through a war.

The show lost its original Spartacus (the charismatic Andy Whitfield, who passed away of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma), enlisted another (Liam McIntyre), and, all told, muscled its way through two seasons and a mini-series. Now, finally, the really epic part of this epic begins.

The first episode, titled “Enemies of Rome,” baptizes us in blood in the opening scenes. Spartacus and his men have broken through the lines of the Roman troops, who have once again foolishly underestimated them. And then we see Spartacus himself, mounted on a horse and armed with a sword, coming for the commanders, who are now realizing, far too late, the peril they are in.




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