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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ever notice how self expression from others can be both ‘golden and dark’? Like fire, it can keep one warm, and provide heat for food, or destroy. One has to only pick any story on the net and see how negative 99% of the comments are. Some call them opinions, but I call it noise because opinions can heals, provide nurturing and security…Noise is the result we get when opinions fall short of its potential and it is this device that causes great pain and further hate. I know that silence can be selfish and thoughtless. Silence destroys bridges to friendships. Silence is to turn the lights out on another’s light that can dwindle to memories of the heart that begin to fade in time. Silence living in the light blesses all around, like a golden glow it is words touch from heart to heart without words. However, lately it seems that the opinions of others have a built in ‘preemptive’ delete button when it comes to being civil and one just chooses to inconsiderately initiate negativity. Whatever happened to keeping your mouth shut if you can’t offer any constructive criticism? 


Things are getting real heavy on RuPaul’s Drag Race this season. And that’s mostly because, so far, the show has mostly focused on its three delightful big-girl contestants: Mimi Imfurst, Delta Work, and Stacy Layne Matthews. Not that I’m complaining—at all. That’s certainly been a very good thing. And while the headline to this mini recap of last night’s episode might lead you to believe that a big girl won the competition, those of you who watched know that’scertainly not the case. In fact, not only did a big girl not win the competition, but a big girl got sent home. (Collective gasp!) It was a not-very-sad bye-bye for — SPOILER ALERT — Mimi Imfurst, who turned into a freakish Dragzilla and lifted India Ferrah up over her head during the lip-sync-for-your-liiiiife portion of the hour. “GET HER OFF ME!” India hilariously growled, in one of the most entertaining few seconds of RuPaul’s Drag Race so far in its three-season run. The above photo illustrates The Evening’s No. 1 Most Ridiculous Moment. I sort of stared at the screen after that and wondered: Did that really just happen?

“Mimi Imfurst,” RuPaul said, just before telling the beastly queen to sashay away, “drag is not a contact sport.” (But honestly, wouldn’t it be more fun if it were?) Mimi Imfurst will be missed on that Main Stage, but you pretty much knew she was toast last night as soon as the episode turned to everyone hating on her just a few minutes into the hour. “Mimi’s always been teetering throughout the competition,” Ru said after her Main Stage walk, “and I think she may have gone to the other side.” Ain’t that the truth. As you might imagine, the two runner-up moments of the evening also featured one or all of the trio of big girls. Like I said, it’s all about the big girls this season! The Evening’s No. 2 Most Ridiculous Moment: When the three big girls teamed up and posed together, Charlie’s Angels style.
As for the few minutes of the episode that were not big-girl focused, we saw a few good things, in my opinion: Shanglea slowly became more tolerable and somewhat legit at drag; Raja looked amazing as her “MILF/cougar who is waiting poolside for the pool boy to clean it up” (plus: those legs!); and Alexis Mateo was cute and deadly (in the best way) during the exercise video portion of the challenge, very deservingly winning the competition and immunity for next week.
Also: Isn’t it kind of strange when LaToya Jackson is a guest judge on a show and doesn’t manage to weasel her way into of the best moments of the evening? I guess that’s just Drag Race for you—even detective LaToya is a non-story here. (And how great was fitness guru Susan Powter as a guest judge/mentor person? She wanted everything to be over the top!)
Do you all agree with last night’s elimination of Mimi Imfurst and coronation of Alexis Mateo as the winner? What are you loving or hating so far this season? Any other thoughts? Speak up and sound off in the comments below. And tell me about The Evening’s Most Ridiculous Moment(s), in your opinion.


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