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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Good oral sex can make the difference between a hot and fun oral romp and an awkward ten minutes that leaves you with a pain in the neck. While it’s true that most of us are just excited to be receiving oral sex and may not care so much about the position, for oral sex lovers (both the giving and receiving kind) changing up the position can also change the experience. Positions may give either or both partners more access to touching body parts and certain positions easily highlight the power dynamic potential of oral sex.

ON THE KNEES: This classic position (well classic in porn anyway) can evoke the power dynamics in oral sex well. Benefits of this position are the visuals, the fact that the giving partner may be able to use their hands, as well as being a position that doesn’t require a lot of room and can be gotten into and out of relatively quickly. The drawback is that it’s hard on the knees (a pillow under them helps a bit) and it can be hard on the neck as well.

BETWEEN THE LEGS: A much more comfortable position than being on your knees, in this common position the receiving partner lies on the back with the giver further down between their legs. The receiving partner can also turn on their side, and this may be even more comfortable for a giving partner who has neck problems.

SITTING ON THE FACE: If you’re prone to giggling this may not be the oral sex position for you. Otherwise this position can work well. It’s great if the giver has any mobility restrictions or fatigues easily, and it also provides a lot of dominance/submission potential. The receiver can sit over the givers face either crouching or with their shins on the bed, and can even lean forward and support their own upper body with their hands (so they’re kind of in a rear entry position).



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