I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Monday, May 21, 2007


Talk about THE GAY ELITE and THROAT CUTTERS; as if LIFE isn’t hard to begin; now you have to deal with HATRED from our very own. But why, tell me why be excluded or not counted if you are EFFEMINATE, OVER WEIGHT or FACIAL CHALLENGED? Why is an effeminate man an updateable man? Why does he have to be someone or something just to fit some so call MASCULINE MAN’S idea of what a MAN should be? Why does he allow society to dictate what kind of MAN is a MAN? Why do MEN that are faced with the weight issue finding such a hard time finding some LOVE outside of JUNK FOOD? Why are they forced to buy LOVE, never really getting LOVE @ all? How come we get to say what TRUE BEAUTY is? How can we, how do we make another human being feel less than because they can’t in no way fit what we feel beauty is? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY DO GAY MEN HATE ON EACH OTHER? I’ve come to realize that no matter what side of the fence you are on, if these outcasts change who or what they represent; will that make US feel better about how we feel about them? Will this make the world better and continue it’s spinning in space? HELL NO! These negative messages affect the self-esteem and further divide OUR COMMUNITY. No matter how it’s sliced and diced, the stigmas placed on individuals doesn’t stop or prevent those that see the REAL person from meeting and showing them some REAL LOVE. As long as they can boost with confidence and pride in self; no one can take that away from them. So please STOP making the OVERWEIGHT MEN feel less than. STOP making the EFFEMINATE MEN feel less than. STOP making the UNATTRACTIVE MEN feel less than. These MEN cannot and will not go inside themselves just to make you feel good about who they are. These MEN cannot and will not be judged by superficial clowns who judge the book before reading the pages. Why try to take away what happiness they can gather for themselves? They deserve to be respected and should not be treated like a second class citizen. Funny how when it comes to being loved in this world, you must first love yourself, and that is why there is so much hate among us. Hence these HATERS don’t have LOVE for themselves so they shine the light on others that they feel don’t fit the bill. They are so afraid of their own shadows that they have to bring others there with them. Funny how they probably was happy until at one point in their life until someone came along and told them they just weren't good enough to even live and breathe. Hence they pass that negative energy along making life HELL for others that they deem not worthy. This is the reason there is suicides, mental health issues, drug use, alcoholism and other concerns among our people and it's ridiculous. SO DON’T HATE THE EFFEMINATE BOY BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS; YOU JUST MIGHT NOT MAN ENOUGH FOR HIM! DON’T HATE ON THE FAT GUY; YOU MIGHT NOT BE HIS TASTE BECAUSE YOU LACK A SOUL! DON’T HATE ON THE UGLY GUY; YOU MIGHT NOT BE BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH FOR HIM! This GAY ELITE is huge and has been a problem since the dawn of time. If you don’t fit someone’s idea of what you are suppose to be don’t try, keep it real. You sing a different tune and walk to a different beat; your life is balanced and theirs isn’t. F&CK THE HATERS!


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