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Saturday, October 9, 2010


"There's Got to Be a Way" is a song written by American singer Mariah Carey and Ric Wake, and produced by Wake for Carey's debut album Mariah Carey (1990). Carey had lobbied to co-produce the song, but was denied permission by Columbia Records. The protagonist of this dance song declares "There's got to be a way to connect this world today" and pleads for other ways to help fix the state of the world. It is one of Carey's few socially conscious songs, and deals with racism and poverty.
It was released as the album's fifth and final single in the second quarter of 1991 in the United Kingdom and some other European markets. To maintain a then-unbroken string of Billboard Hot 100 number 1 singles, "There's Got to Be a Way" was not released in the United States. The song received little promotion. It was released instead of "I Don't Wanna Cry" for the UK market and failed even to reach the top forty, which her previous three singles had all managed. It peaked at number 54, making a brief appearance in the top seventy-five. The song is notable for featuring a gospel choir singing the chorus near the end of the song in the vein of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror".
The single's video, directed by Larry Jordan, starts off with Carey walking the streets as she laments homeless people and racism. She is soon joined by friends, and they all break into animpromptu dance in the street. Remixes of the song were commissioned by Shep Pettibone. The 7" remix was also used for the music video.


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