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Friday, December 10, 2021


Already thinking of your New Year’s resolutions? If they involve fitness goals, change your game plan. Instead of waiting around for the ball to drop, in actuality, December is the best time to kick off a new workout routine. 

“There is no right time, there is only right now. If you’re looking for an excuse you will always find one,” says John Madsen, former NFL player turned high-performance coach and founder of Supra Human. “But here’s the thing: champions train no matter what. They always find a way: with a rock, a milk jug, a tree, a baby on their back, or while in quarantine.”

Besides the fact there’s no time like the present to prioritize your health and wellbeing, here are a few other reasons that make December the perfect moment to develop the winning mindset that'll make crushing all your fitness goals a breeze.

Shifting Your Perspective From a Timeline to a Lifestyle 

“When you make fitness a resolution, in your mind you’re assigning it a start and end date, say, January 2022 to December 2022,” says Madsen.” 

But in order to successfully implement a new fitness routine to your daily and weekly habits without giving up by the time February rolls around, you need to entirely shift your perspective and move away from the idea of a timeline. 

“You have to realize that it’s not a resolution — it’s a revolution," he explains. "You can’t think of it as temporary, it needs to be a wide-reaching change that becomes ingrained in your behavior and second nature. Only then will you stick to it and find success.” 

By starting your new fitness routine in December, you have more chances of turning it into a lifestyle and reaching your goals. Treating it like a New Year’s resolution is basically setting yourself up for failure. Research conducted by Strava, a training app for runners and cyclists, shows that most people are likely to give up on their New Year’s resolutions by January 19

Preventing Holiday Weight Gain and Keeping Stress at Bay 

The holiday season's hectic nature means you’re probably eating and drinking more than usual while moving less. But that’s exactly why it’s a better idea to kick off your new training program in December. 

“Waiting until January to start a new fitness routine gives you an excuse to do more damage now,” says Madsen. “If you know this is the ‘last month’ to eat whatever you want and not be physically active, you can take both of these behaviors to the extreme.” 

It’s easy to tell yourself that you have to indulge as much as you can now when you see the holiday season as your last few weeks of dietary freedom, but this black-and-white thinking leads to overindulgence as a compensation. 

“By starting a new fitness routine before the holidays, you’re more conscious going in," notes Madsen. "You’re more careful about what you put into your body and how often you workout to avoid totally undoing the work you’ve already started.” 

Plus, science has shown that physical activity decreases your stress levels, something we can all get behind during the holidays

Building a Foundation Right Away Is Better Than Starting From Scratch 

Starting your new workouts in December also gives you an advantage as far as getting used to your new training program. It also allows you to build the foundation that will lead you to ramp up the stakes and see gains later. Why wait until January to do so? 

“If you wait a whole month to start your new fitness routine, you’re a month behind where you could have been if you started now!” says Madsen. 

Waiting Until January Can Erode Your Self-Confidence

Waiting until 2022 can also have a surprising negative impact on your self-confidence.

“Your self-confidence levels are going to continue to stay where they are or may even deteriorate over the holidays, especially since you’re eating more and moving less,” shares Madsen. 

Heading into a brand new year feeling sluggish and carrying a few extra pounds won’t exactly help your confidence levels. Avoid that icky feeling by starting your new fitness routine in December instead. 

An Earlier Start Means a Serious Boost to Your Self-Esteem and Motivation

While it can take time and consistency to see physical results after starting a new workout program, doing this shows you that following through on intentions is possible, and you feel awesome pushing your limits and making progress. This has a positive ripple effect on all areas of your life. 

“At the end of the day Supra humans don’t train to get Greek god-jacked or athletic, fit, and in shape,” says Madsen. “They train to stay razor-sharp and keep their edge. They do it for self-discipline, to keep their subconscious in line and send it a message: ‘No matter what happens, I will make progress.’”


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