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Thursday, February 25, 2010


This has been a hard piece to write, and it may be a hard one to read. I’ve lamented over touching this subject for months decided that I will know this should be shown to world. Some may see what I write as wrong and/or judgmental, but one way or the other, I'm only writing what is SO plainly evident, despite the declarations to the contrary. I’ve seen AND heard more than enough of how racism in America is everyone else fault EXCEPT black folks. Most black persons in America have this FALSE righteousness and they allow it to hold them back! They make excuse after excuse as to why they can’t live a life that’s better than sub par (and few have a point), but I feel they need to let go the things that are taking them NOWHERE and find a way to bridge the racial gap that exists. 

I’m hoping that someone can find a way to usher in a new era of positive race consciousness by showing ALL on this planet that developing a healthy worldview is the ONLY way we can truly function as human beings. Developing a healthy worldview is a prerequisite to personal, spiritual and global development. Our worldview cannot start from AND stall @ the feet of our ancestors. There needs to be a reality check so as a people we can realize our place in time. This reality requires total understanding on the objective level as well as on the subjective level of our existence.
The work of consciously developing ourselves is about realizing the truth, and to realize truth people must be willing to investigate and share facts. The ongoing legacy of colonialism has brought destruction and ongoing distress to both the colonizer and the colonized. Every colonized people, every people in whose soul an inferiority complex has been created by the destruction of their memory, adopts the language and values of the colonizing nations. To quote Frantz Fanon, "The colonized is elevated above the jungle status in proportion to his adoption of the colonial country's cultural standards. The colonized people perceive themselves superior as they renounce their blackness. "They are used to convey their master's orders to their fellowmen, and for this they enjoy a superficial position of honor.

When I speak of black folks in America it is NOT that they are unworthy of live, it is just to stimulate latent memories, towards a resurgence of self-confidence, which is greatly lacking among them. A lot of black people dream of a form of salvation that consists of things read in fairytales, when they MUST strive to ensure that their children are not held hostage by that form of self-debasing mentality.


What is color prejudice? Well to quote Sir Alan Burns “It is nothing more than the unreasoning hatred, one for another, the contempt of the stronger and richer people for those whom they consider inferior to themselves and the bitter resentment of those who are kept in subjection and are so frequently insulted. As color is the most outward manifestation of race, it has been made the criterion by which people are judged irrespective of their social or educational attainments.”

I had a conversation with a fellow blogger a while back about skin color and socialization in the black gay community. I mentioned my and noel thinking about moving to the states and I was told that since both noel and I are light skinned, it would be frowned upon if we socialize with persons whose skin is darker in color. @ First I thought it was a joke, but soon realized that it wasn’t. He then tried to make me understand why a majority of black people take pleasure in their narrow-mindedness. For them there is only one way out and it leads into a world where those that have the same skin color “play” together.

Now as this crazy notion seeped into my mind, I concluded that self-hate makes black persons in America akin to an obsessive neurotic type, or to put it another way, they put themselves into complete situational obsession. There is this constant effort to run away from their individuality by annihilating all logic and reason, which ultimately have them confused. Doesn’t self-rejection invariably bring painful and obsessive feelings of exclusion? Moreover, is this the main reason why SO many blacks have a problem with interracial relationships?

One of the most common criticisms lobbed @ the black community in America is, “Why do you have to be SO angry?” Is their anger valid, valuable, and necessary? AND why it's completely fucked-up to try to take away their anger? And NOTHING angers black Americans like seeing one ‘their own’ date/marry someone of a white persuasion. I remember a blog entry I did and how it sparked comments, e-mail messages AND had a few chat sessions from persons that objected to a photo of black and white man kissing. There was such ANGER from black folks that I thought I was in a twilight zone! They were saying that while the white guy is cute, they couldn’t date him NO MATTER HOW ATTRACTED THEY WERE TO HIM! Suffice to say, I didn’t get the anger because in my opinion an attraction is an attraction and who can say where it will show up for us?

Why do black Americans act as if dating someone that is white means that they HAVE to forget about what their ancestors went through during the years of slavery? How do you reason with someone that says, “a man is man as long as it isn’t a white man” in their conversations? It is SO obvious that persons that think like this lack an understanding of themselves and are simply making an excuse for their “blackness”. Talk about the legacy of cultural genocide…the cause of color prejudices.

The poison of color prejudices must be eradicated through education, as these pathological disorders affects all sides. People need to learn about themselves in order to raise self-esteem. All other ways are temporal. This lack of esteem of self as an object worthy of love has great consequences, for one thing it keeps the person in a profound inner insecurity, as a result of which it inhibits or falsifies every relation with others. And anyone who is not working to restore racial harmony contributes to the injustices that persist…


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