I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Many of us complain about the state of the community. Some think that all the cheating, all the lying, all the one night stands, and getting an STD is all there is to the HOMOSEXUAL lifestyle. We believe that OUR hearts MUST be broken in order to know what LOVE is. We seem to think that a BIG dick is what others value us by. Moreover it is all about the tight asses AND how many one can conquer; but I wonder do these things really need to OUR legacy…OUR life? So many of us say that we VALUE ourselves yet we go to that CRUISING spot, that SEX party and engage in activity that de-values us. HOW CAN WE HONESTLY SAY THAT WE ARE GAY & PROUD? WHAT IS THERE TO BE PROUD OF? There is NO denying that a lot of men have gorgeous bodies. The tight abs, six pack, flat stomachs, smooth looking skin tones are all GOOD qualifiers; but they are NOT the be all and end all. WHY IS THAT WHEN WE SEE A MAN GOOD SHIRTLESS, SHOWHING OFF HIS CHEST & SMALL WAIST WE LOSE OUR SENSE OF SELF? HOW DOES THE SIGHT OF A D!CK MAKE US FORGET EVERYTHING THAT WAS TOLD TO US ABOUT SAFE SEX & DISEASE PREVENTION? It is as if we come out to play in the darkness and it our home; expressing ourselves in ways that we won’t try in the light of day. How can we allow ourselves to crave a human touch in such a way? I get that someone touching us is how we acknowledging that we are here. However, the flip side to that is a chance with a disease that lurks in this place. In the moment this DARKNESS does NOT matter because we are NOT THAT FATHER, SON, UNCLE, NEPHEW or even FRIEND…WE ARE JUST BEINGS WHO WANTS TO BE LOVED; and this LOVE causes MORE pain than it is worth. This darkness holds many hostages AND is an addiction that cannot be broken. I guess this danger is exciting because so many of us reside in this place and the HIV infection rates go from one to another. Nonetheless, my hope AND prayer is that WE will NOT allow this disease to take us out in the manner in which it is. I LONG FOR THE DAY THAT WE ARE ABLE TO BE FREE IN THE LIGHT, TO EXPLORE WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE ARE MEANT TO BE. WE NEED TO STOP POURING SALT IN OUR WOUNDS & BEGIN THE HEALING PROCESS. WE NEED TO OPEN THE DOOR OF LIGHT & WALK THROUGH FOR WE CANNOT GO BACK, THE DOOR OF DARKNESS CLOSED & LOCKED ITSELF. HOWEVER WE HAVE THE KEY & WE CAN UNDO WHAT HAS BEEN DONE. THOUGH WE CANNOT TAKE BACK WHAT IS GONE, WE CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE TEMPTATION. WE ARE LIVING IN A LAND FULL OF SEXUAL PEOPLE & IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT WE ARE TREATING SEX IN THE MANNER IT SHOULD BE. I BELIEVE THAT WE ARE NOT BEING PUNISHED FOR THE SEX WE ARE HAVING, HOWEVER WE ARE PUNISHING SEX BY HAVING IT IN THE DARK.


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