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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Sunday, September 3, 2006


OH MY MOTHERLESS SON SING & REJOICE, FORTUNE IS SMILING ON U! U R THE CHOSEN PLACE; THE TIMELESS SON…He is reminding me of a pain I used to know, letting me know that the past won’t let me go. I forgot how hard it was once to live; feeling a lonely that he feels, just letting me know that my senses are real. I like him is waiting for a love I used to see, so that I can take back the best parts of me, I want to tell him that he is wasting his time because the beach that he used to lay on is no more; the tide came in and everything is gone. His beach will never be the same and all that will remain is his name. Damn I remember this pain so well; the same pain I felt a long time ago, the loneliness that told me my life isn’t real. I REMEMBER WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO HAVE YOUR MOTHER TURN HER BACK AGAINST HER FIRST BORN SON…

I know he wonders to himself GOD If everything is supposed to happen for a reason, then tell me why no matter how hard I cry my MOTHER just don’t give a FUCK and I feel lonelier cause there was no one to dry my eyes, but me. He doesn’t’ know where he is going or where he’s been he doesn’t understand the reason for the things he has seen. He wishes that he wasn’t at all and GOD to answer when he wonders why this had to be his life, like why did she had to the one to give him life? Makes him dream of how it could be that there were no world, no people, just HIM. He often hopes for a quick, simple ending but usually finds chaos and then a new beginning, making him wonder if he knows wrong from right…night from day, day from night. Time eats away at his mind, his vision…still he’s stand paralyzed with indecision, wondering if change is in his hand.

Do you think his MOTHER knows that when a child looses her love his soul is dying from an overdose of discontent? Does she know that she left her child to fend for himself in a world that is so unkind? I can see it now, the solitary soul sitting upon a still; he is sighing and singing a song of lament. Feel his anguish; I did so, for I know that for all he has done, he knows that he wouldn't know how to unlock these chains of uncertainty. I BLAME THE SUN FOR BREAKING ONE DAY AS ALL; I BLAME THE MOON FOR SHOWING CHANGE CAN COME, I BLAME THE BREEZE FOR SHOWING TRANQUILITY…I BLAME HIS MOTHER.

He is so brokenhearted, his mind wondering about what he lacked, so completely wrapped up in himself, that he has forgotten on the still sat he…Knowing not where to begin, his thoughts were flowing like the wind, and his soul was mirrored, against his will…To his heart. I want him to know that he is the continual state of growth and evolution, each stage in his evolution paves the way for the next. Each stage prepares him for the next challenge…the next opportunity. Do you think he knows that we are just passing through on our way to the next level, the next stepping stone…on the journey of our life? I understand that it's often difficult to see our direction in the midst of the journey, but if we could look back on our lives watch them unfold from a higher vantage point…The direction of our growth; we will see the connection between one experience and the next.

So as you follow your path, I want you to revisit the same issues, but from a higher, wiser place each time. You may not see how the present situation is serving you or where it may lead, know that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Our soul knows where we're headed. I MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO REPLACE YOUR MOTHER BUT I WOULD DIE TRYING TO FILL THAT VOID THAT EXIST IN YOUR HEART…JUST KNOW THAT EVERY BREATHE THAT I TAKE I PRAY THAT GOD HEALS YOUR HEART AND EVERY TEAR I CRY, YOU CRY ONE LESS TEAR…OH MY MOTHERLESS SON THINGS WILL GET BETTER YOU WILL SEE.
I am…

EYES: that will always see you for your true self.
EARS: that will always be open, listening to hear what you are saying.

MOUTH: that will always tell you the truth, give you my thoughts.

SHOULDERS: that will be your strength when you can't carry yourself.

ARMS: that will always be wide open, embracing, comforting you.
HANDS: that will always hold yours, giving you a little guidance.

FEET: that will always walk with you throughout life.
HEART: to love you for whom you are.
for Travis


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