I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Everyone is a ‘mirror’ to you whether
it is a ‘boss’, someone on the
street, or a loved one. No one rises to the top of any game without criticism,
especially if they let go of the ‘shield of the ego’, and actively invite
viewpoints in. Consider which criticisms might be valuable to incorporate into
who you are in your daily life. None of us have eyes outside of ourselves, but
depend on others reactions/responses. One who sees himself as others do is
rising in consciousness within themselves.

Be open, and invite
others to comment and critique you. Let the ‘walls’ down so that you can grow
into the possibilities that await you. See who you are from different
viewpoints.  Always consider who the source of ‘critiques’ is. Many people
lack credibility even in their own lives, and perhaps they misjudge, and/or do
not know you well enough. Then again, never under estimate the value of
anyone’s viewpoint even if they have a lot of specs in their own eyes. Know who
you appear to be through others eyes, and be open to acknowledging it to others
but with judiciousness, and humbleness if necessary.

Most people,
consciously or unconsciously, seek to avoid anyone who challenges them,
particularly where they have faults. Many will go through their whole lives
avoiding any challenge to what they perceive as their short comings. In many
instances, I’ve found people who have little or no idea how they come across to
others in a negative way because others are not comfortable in saying anything.
Closing yourself off to valid criticism shuts you down for all spiritual
development. Some compensate for aberrations by being good in other areas in
hopes that it will make up for others avoiding ‘calling them out’. Isn’t it better, and healthier to develop in
all ways if possible?’

Changing the outer
to be in synchronicity with those who are fairly centered, and ‘bad habit free’ is advisable as a step
in looking at who you really are on the inside. Whether changing the ‘outer’ to facilitate changing the
inner, or changing the inner to see changes that need to be made in one’s whole
outer world to be a more healthy, conscious, spiritual being, it’s the positive
way to be, both for yourself, those close to you, and as an inspiration to
those who you encounter. We all need inspiration! Make yourself an inspiration
both on the outer and inner by being open to the voice of others to help your
own. A more growing, evolving conscious world begins with an awake and loving
you! Have the courage to change and adapt! Match up inner space and outer


It has been proven again and again that the 

HOMOPHOBIC man is such a 

professional liar that with the plain truth 

before his eyes he will still profess to 

be seeing something else.


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