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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, August 22, 2008


THE WHOLE HIV/AIDS STORY IS, RIDDLED WITH TRICKS, EXPERIMENTS, FAKE VACCINES, SCANDALS & LIES! I have seen and or heard enough about this disease to make this BLATANT statement and I stand FIRM by it. HIV/AIDS was quickly stereotyped as a GAY DISEASE 25 years ago because most of the victims were homosexuals. Though there are about 40 million persons world-wide are living with this disease today, I am sure that NOT all of them are homosexual. Nonetheless, the number of people infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is 40 percent higher than the Centers for Disease Control has recorded earlier which brings me to say that HIV/AIDS prevention is NOT just a GAY thing; but something that involves ALL of us. Therefore, it is my belief that THE TIME IS NOW FOR SELF-PRESERVATION! We live in a world that breeds myth AND dangerous prejudices that spread the virus and the stereotyping that come along with it. I find it sad that is has literally come down to this, but did it have to come to this? I SAY NO! The mere fact that HIV/AIDS settled in the community of the world is NO surprise…well @ least not to me. We are faced with an epidemic that we know how to prevent yet we do NOTHING. This disease is such an epidemic because we have allowed it to thrive in the shadows, with too little open discussion and leadership to conquer it. There needs to be some SERIOUS initiatives when it comes to this disease and has to come from us having a frank series of conversations with us. I read somewhere how there were these town meetings in this country where they started with the clergy, the leaders whom many look to for guidance. I felt that something like that should be done world-wide. But as GREAT as that would be, there still is a need for more. I thought since HIV/AIDS has such a unique effect on men both gay AND straight alike I felt that we need to have meeting FOR MEN-BETWEEN MEN. This could be accompanied by a SEX IN THE CITY meeting for women and REAL SIDE OF SEX forum for youngsters. If we are serious about PRESERVING ourselves these need to be a NO holds barred, civil discussions, led by well-known popular figures, such as nationally syndicated radio personalities, popular pastors AND government officials. We have such a need for REAL honest discussions about sex and ALL the things that come along with that we can’t afford to waste anymore time. @ The end of it all, I feel that there needs to be two important themes we need to emphasize if we are to get a handle on this disease and that is PREVENTION BY ENGAGING IN SAFE SEX WHICH MEANS KNOWING YOUR PARTNER & TESTING FOR EVERY PERSON WITHIN THE COMMUNITY. I am of the assumption that a knowledgeable community is a secure community and though we have a long way to go I feel that we are too important to this planet to destroy ourselves in this manner. IT IS SAID THAT EACH ERA HAS ITS PHENOM, THE THING THAT CHANGES OUR ASSUMPTIONS OF WHAT CAN HAPPEN TO MANKIND…THIS IS THE AGE OF HIV/AIDS & IT PRESENTS US THE OPPORTUNITY TO GAIN MASTERY IN SAFE GUARDING OUR SPECIES. HOWEVER, MANY OF US ARE AFRAID TO STEP OUT INTO THE WORLD & MAKE IT HAPPEN…WE ARE JUST HANGING BACK DREAMING, WAITING & WATCHING FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN THAT WON’T BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE ANY SURVIVAL INSTINCTS LEFT WHEN IT COMES TO HIV/AIDS.


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