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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


There is something about the way you choose to do a certain thing that determines what will happen next in your Life. The way you comb your hair and the way you make your bed. The shirt you decide to wear, or the route you take to work. The cigarette you choose to smoke even as you had previously chose to stop. The person you vowed to love always and the stranger you met online that pushed the love led astray to the edge of no return.

The choices we make dictate the path we are destined to take. Each one is no less in importance than the one before. The choice to be a friend to the man who stands at the corner begging for a slice of bread. The mother with the homeless child cradled in her arms with a desperate look etched upon her face as she knows the child died several hours ago. The soldier whom you dared to save while in the line of fire and as the enemy edged closer, you chose to sacrifice your own life for the sake of saving the life of a father, a brother, a son. The friend who wanted to fly with the angels before his time and you were there to find him before life's blood had crept free from his body forever.

There are an infinite number of choices to be made in a single lifetime. A billion and billion more. Each with their own laws. Each with their own outcome which determines the fate of not only your life but those around you. A friend. A loved one. A stranger whom you have never met. An online acquaintance who gave you the sheer value of insight into an issue which had for so long escaped your thoughts for rationalization. The man of the cloth who aided you in your quest to find salvation. The child you named after your father for the sake of extending the life of the family name.

We are mortal and we will die. We are human and we will discover that for all our faults, we are destined to survive. We struggle to find love. To find our goals. To find ourselves. We seldom ponder the realization that what we fight to keep is never really ours alone. What is factual, too, is that we are bound by our own personal code of hope and persuasion to endure and create. Some might choose to destroy but in the end, even the darkest of times, the greatest of wars, the worst of diseases to strike at the heart of all who are innocent -- there is a lesson to be learned.

One choice of an infinite number is but a single moment in the Life of a single race of beings who are here for the benefit of all who walk beside and after us. Cherish that time. Give of yourself when asked to do so and even if not. Take not for granted the time allowed to you for there will never come another life for you to make the choices you could have made today, tomorrow and all the days left remaining in your tenure here on earth.

There is after all, an infinite amount of stars in the universe but only one chance to view them before they pass from view as surely as we move from bone to dust.


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