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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Thursday, August 21, 2008


I feel that we stand @ the edge of what is the end of the GAY community and our ability to sustain life as we know it NO longer exists. I find that we have too much of a mirror thing going on in a sense that we are primarily concerned about what is happening with us and us only. Where this is not a bad thing, it can be damaging. Isn’t it interesting that to note that for all our cleverness, we GAY folks are more ignorant than knowledgeable? I ask this question because I feel that WE the GAY men of this community have somehow been seduced into believing the illusion that we can control a world that is complex AND beyond our ability to understand WITHOUT our female counterparts. It seems that we have commit to an ignorance based view that somehow, someway LESBIANS don’t OR are not significant in this community when in fact they are. So how about we be realistic for once in our lives? All I want is that we avoid living in a world we think exists and pay attention to the world that does. I get that such thought requires a RADICAL way of thinking, but do we have any other choice? Imagine that you are riding comfortably on a sleek train. You look out the window and see that not too far ahead another train headed your way, what would you do? Both trains are going full steam ahead so you can imagine the catastrophe that is awaiting the persons on those trains? Well this is how things are in the GAY community; we are NOT a cohesive unit. Would it be better if we were all on one train traveling in one direction? Instead we are trapped on one of those trains believing this is THE reality when it is NOT! Imagine how much better we can be if GAY men AND women were working in harmony. This unsustainable system can't be sustained if we continue in this manner. The old future and the way we thought things should work, truly is gone. We need to RETHINK a new future, but we first need to understand the present. For we are just living in direct conflict with our common sense which is utter nonsense. The solutions, if there are to be any, will come through a significant shift in how we live and a dramatic acceptance of the ENTIRE community. And I feel that is will first have to come from men such as myself. For a while I have been thinking about we forget to mention OR give thought to the women who are struggling just like us when it comes to their sexuality. We already live in a world where men see women as entities that they derive their sexual pleasure from. Though we GAY men don’t do that, I feel that the denunciation of LESBIANS is just the same. THIS REJECTION JUST SHOULD SHOW US HOW THE MODERN WORLD HAS STRIPPED US OF OUR HUMANITY THAT WE ARE INCAPABLE OF RESPONDING TO THIS COMMUNITY CRISES; HENCE THIS BLOG ENTRY. I TALK ABOUT LOVE & UNITY WITHOUT TALKING ABOUT THE OTHER SIDE OF HOMOSEXUALITY & I INTEND ON CHANGING THAT. I KNOW THAT I SPEAK OF BEING ONE COMMUNITY & SOME MAY ASK HOW CAN THAT BE DONE IF I AM GIVING THE LESBIANS THEIR OWN FILING CABINET. TRUTH BE TOLD I AM MERELY SHINING THE SPOT LIGHT ON THEM, GIVING THEM A PLACE @ THE TABLE. AND I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THEY ARE AS WE SEE OURSELVES. I AM AWARE OF THE LIMITATIONS BUT I AM EAGER TO TEST THEM. BUT WHATEVER HAPPENS I WANT TO BE FULLY ALIVE AS POSSIBLE, WHICH MEANS STRUGGLING JOYFULLY AS THE MOVEMENT THAT SEARCHES FOR THE ROAD TO A MORE JUST & SUSTAINABLE WORLD IS FOUND. I GUESS THIS MEANS THAT I LIVE IN A REALITY THAT CANNOT BE COMPREHEND THAT DOES NOT LEAD ME TO FEAR THEIR INSIGNIFICANCE, BUT SENDS ME OFF IN AN ENDLESS SEARCH THAT CELEBRATES ALL HUMAN BEINGS.


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