I AM...

I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, July 13, 2007


Often when the outside looks in on us they find what seem like confusion and mystification and they feel compel to transform OUR situation. One reason they are unable to bring RESOLUTION to OUR WORLD is that they have nothing to offer because they come with a CLOSED HEART. HENCE, HOMOSEXUALITY STARTS IN OUR OWN MINDS AND HEARTS, NOT OUTSIDE OF OURSELVES; AND UNTIL ITS ROOTS ARE FIRMLY ENTRENCHED WITHIN SOCIETY, WE CANNOT MANIFEST IT EXTERNALLY. Once we have found it within, we can share it with our family, our community, and the world at large. However, until such time, WE NEED ALL NON-APPLICABLE TO LEAVE WELL ALONE. I have found that no matter what WE say, no matter what WE do society has a major problem with SEXUALITY and thus they make it known that they are no way shape or form interested in SGLP especially on a SEXUAL level. Interestingly, persons that manifest this external behavior are no different from us because internally we have no interest most if not all of them. We do not lend OUR ENERGY to them, so their thoughts and feelings can simply rise and fall like the waves of the ocean without disturbing the deeper waters of ACCEPTANCE within. WHEN THEY LOOK INSIDE, THEY SEE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT IS BLINDINGLY INESCAPABLE. Contrary to popular belief, WE SGL MEN and WOMEN do not have design, desires for everyone that we come across, or see because by THEIR CONFESSIONS, we know that they want us. WE are not checking you out when you are not looking. WE are not following you in the bathroom to get a peep at you. WE ARE NOT TRYING TO TURN YOU GAY! Our powers of persuasions have worked the moment you decided to show that you are not one of us. So thanks but no thanks we do not want you and GOD help the person that does. I wonder why you care so much that we know that you do not care for us. Why should we acknowledge you and give meaning to your denial of YOURSELF and US? I AM GLAD THAT WE GO AGAINST THE NORM OF SOCIETY AND I AM OVER-JOYED THAT THEY ARE INTRIGUED BY US. Isn’t it funny how they are not contagious but they feel that we are? Hence they consciously let it be known that they are off limits and unavailable to us; firmly displaying that WE make THEM question THEIR SEXUALITY and HETEROSEXUAL REATLIONSHIPS ESPECIALLY WITH OTHER MEN. Even though this world is crazy and mysterious they seem to forget that, none of us are born with a guidebook that provides explicit rules for thought and behavior that will enable us to navigate life. How is that we are the ones that have to cope with the myriad of complexities none of which any other humans are subjected to? Most of us know, whether instinctively or by experience that this LIFE is hard and can be uncomfortable, but we always learn that no matter what the challenge we have to find a way to carry on. We understand that any discomfort we experience when expanding our energy diminishes gradually as we become accustomed to change and begin to understand that temporary discomfort is a small price to pay for the evolution of the soul. Our current comfort zone did, at one time, serve a purpose in your life. However, it is representative of behaviors and patterns of thought that empowered us to cope with challenges of days past. Now, this comfort zone does little to facilitate the growth we wish to achieve in the present. We have to work our way outward at our pace and try not to let the discomfort interfere with our resolve. With the passage of each well-earned triumph, we will have grown and our comfort zone will have expanded to accommodate this evolution. WE ARE ALL ABOUT REDIFING OUR PURPOSE AND TAKING POSITIVE LEAPS OF FAITH IN ORDER TO MOVE OUR WORLD FORWARD.


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