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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I found this gem of an entry over on DISCREET CITY and I had to share this with you guys here. 

TBS has announced a new black gay male
comedy-drama starting Spring 2013titled “Tony and Dave” which will be
produced by Tyler Perry.

The setting is Houston, Texas where Tony (Omari Hardwick) is a very successful
Networking Engineer Director and Dave (Mel Jackson) is an Aircraft
Mechanic.  The two are in a 3 year relationship.

The supporting cast is
Robert (played by Jon Michael Hill) and Steven (played by Ian Kahn).
They are an interracial couple that are friends with Tony and Dave and have
been together for over 10 years. They also have a 12 year old son.  
There will be another gay friend to Tony and Dave named Jamal (played by Omar
Benson Miller).

The show will also star Justin (played by Henry Simmons)
who is Dave’s straight fraternity brother.  Elisa (played by 
) who is also friends of Tony and Dave and use to date Justin.  

Rounding out the supporting cast will be Tony’s
older brother Andre 
(played by Rockmond Dunbar) who
struggles with his brother’s sexuality.

The writers and producers stated... 

the goal of the show was to
display the normality of regular everyday gay men of color and to show the real
image of the black gay male vs. the stereotypical    images of reality TV and
other mediums

The pilot show opens with
Tony and Dave just getting settled after moving in together when bad news
strikes that Dave has lost his job.  The first season will follow their
ups and downs in this new chapter of their relationship.

It sounds like Hollywood has come to their senses
and will produce a show that finally counters the over abundance of effeminate
homosexuals (95% white) that are currently on the small screen.  


Are you excited?   Well guess
what?   Don’t be because 
I just made the whole thing up. 
Yeah sorry about that.  I know I am an asshole for getting you all worked
up.  But I did this to prove a point.  A reason you may have gotten
so excited was because currently there are no positive functional homosexual
black or minority male couples on television. 

No positive examples to showcase who we really
are.  No examples to show other black gays of what a secure, functional,
stable, happy relationship looks like. No examples for the black gay male youth
to strive towards when it comes to what a positive gay long term relationship


Do you remember the criticism when “
Cosby Show
” first hit the airwaves?  Black folk said the show (a
comedy) was not realistic.  How can a black family have both a doctor and
a lawyer as parents?  The spin off show, “
A Different World”,
was the first of its kind with a setting at a historically black college or

These were some of our first modern
examples of blacks on both the big and small screens, being progressive,
educated, and successful.  Wanting to achieve and striving to better
themselves and the community. While “The Cosby Show” rarely had any controversial
topics; “A Different World” had shows that dealt with domestic violence,
pregnancy and drugs to name a few. 

Media has the power to influence whether some want
to admit this or not.  Many can tell you that “A Different World” made so
many young black men and women want to go to college.  I
even remember in the early 90’s many rap videos
using college campuses as there backdrops. 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a television show to
inspire and influence gay black men (young and old) to want something better
for ourselves?

Before you bombard the feedback section listing
all the black gay male characters or relationships that have sprinkled the
small screen throughout the years while highlighting “Noah’s Arc
(oh god no); ask yourself what black gay male couple/s that you know of had a
starring or reoccurring whole on any particular cable or broadcast network

HBO’s Oz black
homosexuality was mostly rape or intimidation. Six Feet Under was
a dysfunctional interracial relationship. The Wire had a
homosexual ex-con / robber. True Blood has a drug
dealing, cross dressing homo-thug queen in a interracial relationship.

Right now there are no alternatives on television
to the stereotypes that black gays are just gossiping, partying, promiscuous,
HIV infected, vain, materialistic effeminate men who can’t maintain a
relationship more than 3 months.

I strongly believe if there were more positive
representations of homosexual black men in relationships in the media; it could
eventually lead to a reduction in the spread of STD’s and lessen promiscuity,
even if only by a small percentage.  It could lead to more of us thinking
highly of ourselves and not viewing our homo or bisexuality as something
that is unnatural and can be prayed away. 

But I do think there may be a light at the end of
the tunnel.   On the LA Complex, even though the
relationship between the two black male characters is still very dysfunctional;
it’s the first time starring roles featuring two black male characters have
been seen together in an intimate relationship on any major broadcast
television channel.

Who knows what can happen within the next 5
years.  Maybe the fictional comedy that I describe in the opening of
this post can get the green light and become reality. Who knows? In the
words of Jesse Jackson, “Keep Hope Alive”!


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