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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, July 13, 2012


He will sweep you off of
your feet,

He is cute, funny and

He likes the same things
as you

He does all the things
that you love to do

He is the perfect guy of
your dreams

He belongs wit you, or so
it seems!

He looks into your eyes,
his true self never appears

He says that he'll always
be there

His touch is so soft; his
hold is so tight,

His words are so
soothing, his kiss is just right!

You think that you love him;
you give him your heart

Little do you know that
he'll tear it apart?

You do what he wants; you
know it’s not good

You told him slow down,
and you think he understood

You let it slide by, he's
just having fun

You'll learn to like it
as time goes on!

He's taken your heart,
and locked it away

And you see him crush it the
next day

You cry and you grieve,
but then you forgive,

He won't do it again for
as long as he lives!

At this point you've
fallen into his trap

He has all control when
you're in his lap

You're right where he
wants you, he molds you like clay,

And you hear about him
with some guy the next day.

He got what he wanted,
accomplished his goal

He still has your heart,
which he evilly stole!

He's taken your purity,
you still can't believe

You feel hurt and dumb
and extremely naive.

You know he's an ass, but
you still want him back

And you and he will end
up on the same track

All you wanted was to
have some fun

Now you wish that this
whole thing had never begun

You wish that one day
you'll see him cry

That one day he'll know
how he killed you inside!

But you know that he
won't, because he's numb to pain

He'll be with some guy
while you cry and complain

Beware of the players;
they'll steal your heart

And they'll give it back
once it’s all torn apart

Don't let them suck you
into their game

Because once you lose,
you're never the same.




Body Issue
 hits newsstands on today, and its arrival is highly
anticipated. The magazine features some of the sporting world's most famous
athletes in uncommon positions.

ESPN already announced their cover athletes. You can
check them out here, but they aren't the only thing that make this magazine

Let's check out why this magazine is so

Something for Everyone

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition only features

ESPN's Body Issue poses men and women, so everyone's
interested. This was a smart idea from a marketing standpoint, and it makes
each edition more intriguing. Using athletes from male and female sports
increases your demographic and gives more people incentive to check out the
magazine's pages. It's only in its fourth year, but ESPN's Body Issue looks
like it will feature the world's most mentioned athletes for many years to


The artistic side of this periodical is spot on.
Each model is expertly positioned, and the photography itself is done in a
hyper-creative way that really grabs your attention.

This isn't just "eye candy." This is
art. Photographers who've honed their craft put on a magnificent display in
ESPN's montage of athletic models.

Not only does this make ESPN's magazine
intriguing, it makes unique. It's done in excellent taste, and that can be a
fine line to walk.

New Possibilities

Like I said, this thing is only in its fourth year. They are just
breaking ground on where they want to go with it, and the exact directions they
want to take.

I'm not saying the magazine is going to change a
lot. The concept is too simple, but they can expand on the ideas.

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition is old news, but
everyone likes something new. ESPN's Body Issue is the new kid on
the block.

That alone makes it intriguing.


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