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Thursday, December 16, 2010




We’ve all heard the term ‘homophobia’ which definitely has its place in today’s society, yet often times I think the word may be overused as I believe in many instances, it’s more hate than it is fear that drives people to oppose LGBT equality.
If you think about it, when people fear things, they react differently than when they hate. We don’t see too many people running down the street screaming for their life after seeing a LGBT person. The more usual response is disgust. You don’t beat someone to death simply because you fear them nor would you support a law that would execute people for being gay because you fear them…but you would because you hate them.
Now I will admit that I think that hate is often times caused by fear. People who fear spiders often have a hate of spiders that’s based solely on that fear, but again, the reaction often is different.
That’s why I believe that when we label religious organizations as homophobic, they actually should be relieved we’re not calling them out for hate. After all, wouldn’t fear be forgiven quicker than hate…that is if you follow the Christian train of thought?
Such as in the case of the St. Vincent’s Cathedral School in Bedford who refused to allow a 4-year-old daughter of a lesbian couple attend their school.
The school’s administrator told the couple the school was not “a good fit for their child” because the values and morals taught at the school were contrary to values and morals the child would learn at home.
However, I wonder if the parents were Buddhist or Muslim if they’d be told the same thing? Would a child be rejected as a student if the parents believed in pro-choice? What if one of the parents had or was having an extramarital affair? What if one of the parents like to drink one too many adult beverages on the weekends? Would those differing morals and values be reason enough to reject a child? Possibly, but I have a hard time believing they would, which leads me to believe this isn’t just homophobia, it’s not a fear, it’s hate.
So what are your thoughts?

The Difference Between Homophobia & Hate | Gay News from Gay Agenda -


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