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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Friday, February 29, 2008


In living in the risking era of SEX and H. I. V. ~A. I. D. S. one would sit AND think that HOMOSEXUAL and HETEROSEXUAL alike would each share the burden of this disease, but SADLY this is NOT the scenario. The reality is if you are a SEXUALLY active HOMOSEXUAL that you are @ risk of coming in contact with H. I. V. or A. I. D. S. It has been said that H. I. V. ~A. I. D. S. does NOT discriminate OR cling to certain groups that partake in SEXUAL activity, however society is blind to this fact. In fact they F&CK as if they are somewhat immune to H. I. V. ~A. I. D. S. which is TOTALLY thoughtless. If SEX just cost we SAME~SEX~PRONE individuals OUR lives, why is does REALITY say that there are babies being born with the disease? This can only infer the notion that even if they are using condoms that they are NOT 100% safe. Hence ALL of us are in the same boat because CONDOMS are NOT a safety net. I guess this is why condoms are for the purpose of SAFER SEX and NOT SAFE SEX! I am NOT about to play the game of who is MORE promiscuous than the other. Nonetheless, if one really thinks about both sides of the SEXUAL revolution, one would notice that just as much OR maybe more HETEROSEXUALS succumb to their SEXUAL desires in the same vain as HOMOSEXUALS do. They take each other home after a night of partying AND engage in UNPROTECTED SEX…HOPING THAT THE OTHER IS CLEAN. ONE LIKE MYSELF WONDERS WHY THERE ISN’T ANY CULTURAL PRESSURE FOR THEM TO GET TESTED? I find it VERY strange how mandatory testing comes into play when a woman gets pregnant OR a couple needs insurance for the home they are purchasing. This kind of mentality is EXACTLY why the disease is looked upon as a symptom of tradition that is tailor-made for the GAY LIFESTYLE. The HETEROSEXUAL community hides their PROMISCUOUS and RISK TAKING BEHAVIOR behind their SOCIALLY ACCEPTED position in society. I PERSONALLY feel that HETEROSEXUALS take a bigger risk because they are under the ILLUSION that they are having SEX in the manner in which it should be done. However if both sides did a count of the partners they’ve had, go over AND over again what AND how they had sex; would one side fall AND the other rise? I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT! Given the statistics, SAFE sex is the best way to stay negative. Too many of us are NOT slipping on a condom before we get down…THIS CLASSIC & CARELESS BEHAVIOR SMEAR THE SEXUAL LINES. THEY SAY THAT HIV IS NOT WHAT IT USE TO BE…BUT WITH ALL THE HOPE THAT MODERN SCIENCE OFFERS, I AM STILL CRUSHED WHEN A FRIEND REVEALS TO ME THAT HAVE TESTED POSITIVE. I SEE HIV AS A. I. D. S. AS SOMETHING THAT IS TAKING AWAY FROM THE COMMUNITY; BOTH GAY & STRAIGHT ALIKE. AS A COMMUNITY WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS DISEASE TO DESTROY US, THIS DOUBLE STANDARD THAT EXIST NEEDS TO CEASE BECAUSE H. I. V. ~A. I. D. S. DOES NOT PARTIALLY EXISTS. FOR THE LIFE OF ME I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW THE HETEROSEXUAL COMMUNITY CAN RESPECT EACH OTHER FOR THE WAY THEY ARE PUTTING EACH OTHER @ RISK! I AM AWARE THAT FINDING or BEING IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP IS VERY CHALLENGING, SO MOST OF US ARE ALONE. MASTURBATION ONLY GOES SO FAR WHEREAS SEX IS GREAT…MY QUESTION IS IF WE DO NOT PROTECT SEX FROM OURSELVES HOW CAN WE TRULY ENJOY IT?


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