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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It is said that the path to a GAY man’s heart is best navigated through the back door. Hence the prevailing ASSUMPTION about GAY men is that they all enjoy anal sex. But many still consider this as foreign territory. For those curious about anal sex or interested in exploring it further, here are a few basic things to consider.

  1. GROOMING – Some people are comfortable with a hairy entrance, but for those who are self-conscious about carrying a thicket down there, options exist for cleaning it up. Hirsute-free ass play adds pleasure if you and your partner are into munching on it. The less hair, the more the receiver feels his partner’s tongue on all those nerve endings, and for the giver, well who likes feeling like they are spitting up a hairball? For most men, waxing is not an option. Never mind the difficulty of getting into such a hard-to-reach area with a spatula of wax and gauze. Waxing removes a layer of healthy skin, and if you get too close to the edge of the anus, the results can be ugly and painful. And don’t even think about going near such a sensitive area with a harsh depilatory such as Nair. That leaves shaving, which requires a good deal of flexibility and being careful not to get any nicks or cuts. This is better done with a partner, and only if he is into it.
  2. CLEANLINESS – Unless you are into scat, when it comes to anal sex, cleanliness really is key. If you are planning on having anal intercourse, a quick shower is recommended. Lightly insert your finger into the anus, giving the area a quick swirl. Go easy on the soap, as it can be irritating to the lining of the rectum. To douche or not to douche? Many guys feel it’s not needed if you have normal and regular bowel movements. Also, many guys think that an enema makes the ass more sore and sensitive before sex. For guys with a healthy digestive system who do not feel the immediate need to pass a bowel movement, a swirl in the shower should suffice. Some guys don’t feel confident without giving themselves an enema before a good session. If you are worried that the common drugstore enema is too harsh, discard the contents and fill up the container with warm tap water instead. Use lubricant! The lining of the rectum produces mucus naturally but not enough to provide comfort for intercourse. Remember these basics and you are ensured a happy pucker hole and a satisfying sex life.


  1. PAINLESS ANAL: Stimulate the numerous nerve endings and the sphincter will relax for entry.
  2. FEED IT: The rectum is not designed to store feces—and it won’t if you eat fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and unprocessed bran, which will keep the rectal muscles relaxed. Douche one hour prior with Fleet.
  3. TOUCH IT: Whether yours or his try touching the anal opening during masturbation. It’s hot.
  4. RIM IT: For maximum results, flatten your tongue and lick rather than penetrating the anus. Warm breath will stimulate him even more.
  5. PENETRATE IT: It doesn’t have to hurt. After touching and rimming, the anus has relaxed, making painless entry possible.


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