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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


How many men have you been with? Yeah man, sexually! Or do you even know how many? Do you remember their names? What about their HIV status? Knowing your own sexual history is beneficial to living a longer and healthier life.
Take a moment, grab a pen and a sheet of paper and do this activity.
1. Create 3 columns on a sheet of paper.
2. In the 1st column, write down the names (if you still know them) of ALL the men you've ever had sex with. If you don't know their names, still include them by writing men A, men B, etc. NOTE: Sex includes oral sex, anal sex and mutual masturbation.
3. Now go over your list and note those with whom you had unprotected ORAL or ANAL sex with in the 2nd column. (Simply write "unprotected" or "protected" in this column)
4. Lastly, go back over your list and write down whether or not you knew their HIV status in the 3rd column. If you weren't 100% sure of their status (meaning without proof of status, aka seeing the actual test results), write HIV next to their names. REMEMBER: All because someone doesn't say they have HIV or doesn't "LOOK" like they have HIV, doesn't mean they don't have HIV! And wake up, because men lie about their status too.
5. FACT: 32% of all men who have sex with other dudes are HIV+. FACT: 9 out of 10 HIV infected people are unaware they are infected.
6. Now circle those with whom you had unprotected ORAL or ANAL sex with and DID NOT 100% know their status. These are the men who may have exposed you to HIV or some other STD and didn't even know it! Remember, it only takes one time to catch something!
1. Patrick (unprotected)
2. David (protected)
3. Joe (protected)
4. Lahron (protected)
5. Frank (protected)
6. Valentino (unprotected)
7. Dorrington (protected)
8. Lothario (unprotected)
9. Michael (protected)
10. Teran (protected)
11. Alescio (protected)
12. Dexter (protected)
13. Ancenio (protected)
14. Vernon (protected)
15. Prince (protected)
16. Travis (unprotected)
17. Patrick (protected)
18. Dashwell (protected)
19. Corey (UNprotected)
20. Dexter (protected)
21. Levar (protected)
22. Taneil (protected)
23. Nardo (protected)
24. Calvin (protected)
25. Devon (protected)
26. Andrew (protected)
27. Jamaal (protected)
1. Leo
2. Kenton
3. Devince
4. Mario
5. Adrian
6. Ricardo
7. Dominic
8. Paul
9. Stewert
10. Xavier
11. George
12. Shawn
13. Michael
14. Clive
15. Marche
16. Vaughn
17. Cardell
18. Andrew
19. Benji
20. Jamiko
21. Wellington
1. Teran
2. Michael
3. Andrew
4. Roosevelt
5. Donald
6. David
7. Kevin



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