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Thursday, May 22, 2014


I always wonder why many of us let sexual roles define who we are and even our relationships. Sex is important; I get it, but is it that important that we let each other’s sexual role determine whether or not we should even begin to establish a relationship in the first place?  We've all been asked and have asked the question “Are you a top or bottom?”  I’ll admit that this question is pretty necessary when hooking up with someone for casual sex or a one night stand, because after all we do have our PREFERENCES, and when we are looking for a hookup, we know what we want.  However, should this even be a question, or better yet, a determining factor when pursuing a serious relationship with someone?  Let’s not even get into the fact that the question is always posed (if even in your head), which one is doing the fucking when seeing a couple together.  Are we not more than our “role” in the bedroom?

When you are in a relationship why even get into sexual roles?  Lovemaking with your other half should be about enjoying each other’s body from head to toe, not who is sticking who. I know you will go back to your “preferences” but should that make or break your relationship?  We all have the same body parts and are physically able to experience the same amount of pleasure as the next man. Your penis and anus works just like his. The only differences are the thoughts we put behind doing these acts. We are GAY men and a part of that is being fortunate enough to experience many more dynamics of sex than our heterosexual counterparts. Why limit yourself to what you have mentally decided is your role?

For example: Many strict tops can’t allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to submit and “receive” their partner physically.  There are so many stigma’s surrounding being penetrated that sometimes we allow that to get in our heads and ruin what could be an incredible experience. All the tension and resistance a top’s body feels when attempting to be penetrated originates from their head, not their ass. You will still be a man when it’s all said and done with, so why not just let go and enjoy each other’s entire body, not just what you perceive to be your roles.  In fact, I’d venture to say it takes more of a man to receive than it does to give.  Anyone can stick their dick in a hole, but to be able to completely submit yourself to the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE and walk away knowing you are still a man says a lot about your level of security with your masculinity.

This does not only apply to strict tops but strict bottoms as well.  Their dick works just like everyone else’s. The only difference is, again, what they are experiencing mentally. I’ve heard many men who are bottoms, say that it turns them off for their man to want to be penetrated. Why? He’s gay. Could it be these bottoms have fantasies of being with a straight man?  Will they not see him as masculine anymore? Is it a fear of them not being “masculine” or dominant enough to get on top of a man?  If we would all just let go and just BE, we can all reach another level of sexual pleasure.  Get out of your head and your comfort zone, and enjoy each other to your full potential.

Now I’m not saying that strict TOP/BOTTOM roles in relationships cannot work, because they do all the time.  But what I am saying is if you meet someone that does not fit into your strict sexual roles, is it really a good reason to abandon the potential of what could be something amazing? Let’s also not forget that we are human and with that comes change. Our desires change and yes that can include sex. So what if your partner of 3 years decides that he no longer just wants to be limited to being penetrated or doing the penetrating. What then?  I say let go of your fears (let’s call it like it is) and experience LOVE to its full capacity. You may be surprised at the results. 


After Michael Sam became the the first openly gay player to be drafted by the NFL, ESPN captured his emotionalreaction and when he gave a big ol' smooch to his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano. Of course, everyone wondered who was this mystery man who was locking lips with the 9th Most Powerful LGBT person in America (according to our sister site's Power List, anyway). 

It turns out, Cammisano and Sam both attended the University of Missouri, where Cammisano was on the swim team from 2009 to 2012, according to Sports Grid. The two Millenials certainly aren't camera shy: Check out thisphoto of Cammisano in action as a junior. The site also reports that the communications major came out three years ago and graduated in 2013.

After the photo of them kissing was quickly circulated around the world via social media, the two didn't stop. It seems they celebrated the occasion of the NFL draft pick at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas Saturday night.

According to sources, a group of 10 — including his agent and friends — were on hand as Sam was surprised by a presentation from the club and a shout out from DJ Vice. He also spotted Richard Sherman of the NFL champion Seattle Seahawks at a neighboring table the two chatted for a few minutes.

The crowd at TAO later cheered as Sam and Cammisano danced and waved when Vice asked: “Do we have any Rams fans in the house?!” The couple returned to their table where they celebrated the historic day until 3 a.m., according to reliable sources.



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