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I am whatever YOU think I am until YOU get to KNOW me. This is true for everyone else too, of course.. so don't make assumptions about anyone or pass judgment; ask questions. You might just make a new friend.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


WE ARE MANY, but in solitude I stand, waiting for an answer if anyone can grant. If I can get an answer, to the world I will shout, THIS IS WHAT OUR COMMUNITY SHOULD BE ABOUT!

{Gay} We Are...

We breathe and we respond
We share a loving bond;
We share the same ground and same heart in all of us pounds
We are the world’s rebirth
We carry with us the sense of hope & renewal
We are the first sliver of dawn that paints the horizon,
We gradually spread our color…Illuminating the world!
We are that being that isn't defined by secrets or sexuality…
We soothe the spirit of turmoil,
We purge the crippleness of self-hatred
We release the very human need to classify and label
We know the truth in connecting with another man
We are the messengers not the message
We are an honorable image of manhood
We are the defiant man’s, man
We are the root, stability and resilience of the whole man.
We are balanced, having incarnated as male,
We embrace and celebrate our man selves
We live a life of torture that has made us the paragons of balance.
We place value on ourselves
We know we came to this earth to live and die,
We know we need to cherish every moment
We know we need to learn from our worst memories
 We’ve earned our right to be who we are
We shall walk upon this earth
We shall squish its mud between our toes
We shall walk around with human feet touching the ground
We can’t give up and let the world crush and destroy us
We are compassionate people,
We need to nourish, support, sustain and protect who we are as gay men

This was inspired by a young gay man that is having a tough time being his gay self and I want to say:

I know that when it rains it pours, but know that the sunshine will give me relief. Just look into my eyes see my lust for our freedom, feel the pain I have in my heart. Touch my HEART, caress my MIND, fondle and manipulate my SOUL. Come closer and feel the wetness of my face and my heart that beats for YOU, ignore the raindrops that falls in your space, beneath your waist…at your place. Come share my umbrella, my world, and MY story while these raindrops keep falling.


Guest Judges: Leslie Jordan and Jeffrey Moran
Mini-Challenge: "Read" (insult) the other contestants
Mini-Challenge Winner: Alaska
Main Challenge: Roast RuPaul, as well as the judges and fellow queens, in front of a live audience
Challenge Winner: Coco Montrese
Main Challenge Prize: A custom gown from Sequin Queen
Bottom Two: Alyssa Edwards and Roxxxy Andrews
Lip Synch Song: "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith
Eliminated: None

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: who’s the least coherent of all?


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