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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Dear Friends,

 A day of thanks has been a traditional part of American culture.  You set a day aside for reflection of all that you are grateful for, and you in my community rise to the top of my list.

I feel as if I am the most fortunate person around because I have the opportunity to share my experiences and see the light that each of you represent.  I hear your stories on your various blogs and I continue to be amazed at the perseverance you exhibit in spite of the world around us.

Today, as I tell you of the gratitude that I have for your heart-felt commitment to increasing your wisdom, on-going learning and sharing, I want to also remind you that you are an important thread in this magnificent tapestry of life.  Your thoughts and actions resonate throughout the many domains of being and your faith in our collective future makes an important difference.

As you sit down for dinner tonight, wherever you are, you are joined by the people of all nations who are members of the family of earth.  You raise our glasses and toast each other re-consecrating our lives to the actions that contribute to a kinder, more compassionate, wiser, and healthier world for everyone.

Thank you for your presence in my life, for the miracle that you are, and for being a member of the growing community of those whose faith will change the world.

In love and gratitude,



Labels Too Narrow for a Wider Margin

Renna Communications tweets today about the Aids Conference 2012 (#AIDS 2012) raise an interesting concept about gay identity:  “some queer men have sex with transgender women, masculine women – doesn’t MSM (Men who have sex with men) exclude them?”

Brown of S.Africa’s Tutu HIV Program tweets:  “found gay identity often associated with Western Culture; MSM not linked with any one culture or tribe.” Also, in S. Africa, MSM seen as liars, promiscuous, sex addicts, afraid that med. providers will out sexuality and HIV status.”

You see the connection. Out yourself, and you’ll experience discrimination, and in this case, physical punishment in Africa and other parts of the world. Thus, MSM in India, Africa, and other continents are underreported for fear of retaliation, thus hindering studies of gender identity.

How Do People Identify Sex?


"He who does not

cultivate his field will die of hunger."

Afrikan Proverb


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