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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


may have been so into getting yours that you forget that your man is
multi-sensory and can experience intense sexual pleasure in a variety of ways.
Gone are the days when you thought giving head was his only form of pleasure. I
give you some new spots to hit.


It is very unlikely that a man will not enjoy kissing his
partner. The more you kiss the better. Lips are sensitive and for men it is
easy to get him aroused just from kissing. Kissing lets him know that there is
(probably) more "good stuff" ahead and that starts his mind


The neck is always a great place to turn on your partner. There are
several things to keep in mind here, most importantly controlling yourself. Try
to have a moist mouth, but don't slobber! Cover different areas of his neck
with tender kisses, using the areas under/behind the ears for extra
stimulation. Light nibbling and tugging usually work really well also. Start
out soft and gentle; as he gets into it, slowly go harder and wilder to release
his beast within.


The scalp can be very sensitive to stimulation, and since he's
probably not expecting you to give any attention to it, surprise him. Many men
like to have a gentle head massage or scratching, so if you have nails, gently
run your hands through his hair in circular motions while lightly scratching.


To many men, the chest is one of their favorite body parts. To
appreciate it is to appreciate the man. Massage it and occasionally whisper how
much you love how hard it is (especially if your man works out). Nipples are
highly sensitive and should be sucked and nibbled on. Just remember to start
out a little slower and work up to harder techniques.


Inner thighs are always a great place to turn your partner on, as
they don’t get touched much during every day life. Whether it is touching,
kissing, licking, or nibbling, virtually everything you do around this area
will feel good.

Glans Head

This is the pinnacle of stimulation for a man. The glans head is
the purplish, mushroom shaped mass at the top of a man's penis. This is the
most sensitive part of his body and concentrating on it is the easiest way to
get him off. Men with foreskin have a more sensitive glans head and sometimes
need to be handled more gently.


The perineum is the area between the scrotum and the anus. There
are a lot of nerve endings there and it is quite responsive to gentle fondling.
For a smoother experience, try using a little artificial lubricant or massage
oil. You may want to try vigorously massaging the perineum just prior to
orgasm; this gives many men a rush of pleasure.


The Anus has a large number of nerve endings surrounding it and it
is very sensitive. The proper stimulation of this area can heighten a man's


The scrotum is the sack that holds the testicles. This is a very
sensitive and very fragile part of a man's body. Applying too much pressure to
the testicles will cause immense amounts of pain. This does not mean to stay
away from them; it just means to be very gentle. To really get your man going,
fondle his testicles gently in one hand. Even more erotic and far more
appreciated is to lightly suck or lick the scrotum (try getting one or both
testicles in your mouth and humming).t will drive him crazy.



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