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Thursday, September 6, 2012


In this wonderful world of dicks and asses we at BlackRayne get asked
a slew of questions some, which we pay no mind to, and some that actually make
us, think. Since our videos make you bust loads of nut, ever worry about the
actual sperm count? I know some think we will be young forever and may not have
to worry about that kind of issue but the fact of the matter is at a certain
age that may be something to stress over.

We know we may be dealing with an audience that may not think about
having any kids, (but then again who are we to say ? ) but here at Black Rayne we are
known for our models shooting huge LOADS, want to get like us?

Ok, if you bust a lot that means your testosterone is high and you
have a healthy reproductive system and you have what it takes . An
increase in sperm count can also increase your libido and sexual desire for
your shawty. Wouldn’t he just love that, more fuckin! That’s what you wanted

Sleep naked! Score! We like this one, your body is about 98 degrees
and with your nuts hanging at night it provides just the right amount of cool
air that it needs to let your little swimmers develop. Also I know we live in
the day and age where the tighter the skinny’s the trendier you are but buy
some relaxed fit jeans, I mean it wont hurt to wear them every so often.

Eating right will do the trick as well. Eat some whole wheat, have
a home cooked dinner, stop it with the fast food. We know weight wise it helps
you out but did you know a lil grain and vegetables would keep you bustin til

Fellas, put down the cocktails, it increases estrogen even in the
male body and of course with an increase in that you have a decrease in your

Smoking: in the times where smoking in a commonality,“ Bruh smoke
one … “ Pass up that next blunt. It is proven that Mary Jane and her
cousins will hinder the amount of nut you shoot, don’t you want to bust like
our boy Addiction? Smoking tobacco products also have an effect,
so less really DOES equal more! (Nut in this case)

So if you wonder why you bust and it’s watery and thin, you may be
fuckin too much, its not low sperm count it’s the addiction to the booty.
Vitamin E and other supplements found at your local GNC can also increase your
chances of being your own porn star in the bedroom.


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