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Friday, August 31, 2012



One’s race, ethnicity and
sexual orientation are not usually topics that are discussed together as an
inclusive and dynamic entity. We are accustomed to focusing on minority groups
in distinct and separate terms. It is not often that we visualize a perspective
in which sexual orientation is considered as a separate inherent trait and part
of the whole being within the context of race and ethnic background.

A way to personalize this visualization is to understand how we see
ourselves and how we interact with others. Some people very rarely visualize
themselves in a good way; enjoying life and being truly happy. For the white
population, envisioning this condition is much easier than the visualizations
of various queer individuals of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds. Not only
do internal feelings of self-doubt due to race and ethnic background have to be
overcome, the self-doubt related to inherent sexual orientation must also be
dealt with. This further delays one’s ability to visualize themselves as a truly
happy person, living the life they were meant to live, in an open, meaningful
and recognized way without prejudice or discrimination.

complete minority equality can be achieved if we visualize ourselves as a
unified and complete community working toward the same goals and objectives
that will benefit all racial, ethnic and queer minority groups encompassed
within. We need to begin to change our thought patterns away from the more
focused attention we seek to achieve for our own individual constituencies. Our
detractors seek to exploit that fracture amongst and between minority groups to
further exploit their own narrow focused tunnel vision view of how society
should be. They prey on ones’ feelings of insecurity and self-doubt in an
attempt to further entrench their narrow view of society on the rest of us.

ourselves as being equal to everyone else in society entitled to all the
benefits that are bestowed on the rest of society empowered by a unified
minority vision will begin to foster feelings of self-worth and self-respect.
This will ultimately create an environment where true personal happiness may be
found. The visualization of oneself will be based upon the true self, not
influenced by racial, ethnic and queer prejudice and discrimination. Visualize
yourself as believing that you can be the ideal person that you want to become.
Visualize yourself!



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